Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good Gawd!

Since 1st grade, Solstice has been involved w/ a group @ her school called "The Oratorical Society." They memorize famous speeches or passages from books & then present them to an assembly in an attempt to get them used to speaking in public & to develop skills that go along w/ that. In 1st grade, she did a passage from The Little House in the Big Woods, in 2nd grade she used a book by Laura Ingall's daughter. This year, she will recite a passage from Helen Keller's autobiography. Aiden is involved this year too; he's doing "Captain Hook," by Shel Silverstein.

Part of the presentation involves dressing like the person (or in Aiden's case, the character) so we went to Value World the other day looking for clothes that a woman might have worn 100 years ago. This was the greatest trip to a thrift store of all time. Aside from the clothing for the kids, they had Raiders of the Lost Arc on Betamax... Betamax! It was 6 bucks though & since I don't actually have a Betamax player, I let it slip away. As I moved on to the music section, I found 80s cassette tapes like Paul Young's The Secret of Association. Of course, the tape wasn't in the case, but just the thought of owning his awesome cover of Hall and Oats' "Every Time You Go Away," made me happy. They also had 2 copies of Dick Marx's Repeat Offender, but I decided against that too. What I saw next, however, I immediately realized I needed to possess; in fact, I was absolutely shocked that it was there in the 1st place.

I looked up and I couldn't believe what I saw about 20 feet away. There, among the cast aside dishes & old coffee cups, was 1 of the most amazing finds in thrift store history: The Dancin' JB! There was also a speaking George W, but his batteries were low so he sound more like Nixon. You'll have to excuse the poor film quality, but I think you'll enjoy it none-the-less.

It only cost 5 bucks, & then Stephanie found this, which just added to the day's awesomeness. I now have the King of Pop and the Godfather of Soul on display in my office for everyone to worship so stop on by and pay tribute.

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Stephanie said...

Awesome!! This is why I love Value World!