Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Post #5: And the Nominees are...

The Rules:
We @ Visions of Ypsi are proud to present the 6th Annual Celebrity M.I.L.F. of the Year Contest. Before you vote, however, be sure to read the rules:
1) The nominations have been considered and narrowed down to ten (11... why 11? Because 10 was just not enough!) contestants.
2) Each reader of Visions of Ypsi is allowed one (1) vote.
3) Votes are to be posted in the comments section of this post. Votes sent via e-mail or as a Facebook post will be counted if I feel like it.
4) Giving people shit based on who they voted for is not only accepted, but encouraged.
5) All votes posted by 12:00 AM on New Years Eve will be counted.
6) Voting is closed @ 12:01 AM New Years Day.
7) Late nominations will be considered, but discouraged.
8) Those nominated but not included on this official ballot are not eligible for late nominations.
9) If a voter wishes to change his or her vote, she or he must petition the writers of Visions of Ypsi.
10) Anonymously posted votes will only be accepted if the writers of Visions of Ypsi are told who the person is who is voting anonymously. In other words, the post can be anonymous and I will protect his or her anonymity, but I want to know who is voting to ensure true single votes.
11) We @ Visions of Ypsi will only cast a vote to break a tie if said vote is necessary or if we don't like who won. If you don't like that, you can get your own Celebrity MILF of the Year Contest.
12) As always, nominees must not have been eligible last year so we're setting the cut-off dates @ August. Any celebrity to have given birth before 1 September 2009 is ineligible.

Heidi Samuel (née Klum):
This is her 2nd nomination, which suggests that Seal has been hittin' it! I wonder if they'll give this kid the scarification from which the 1st kid was spared.

Sarah Michelle Gellar:
For all the Buffy fans who couldn't stop nominating her, here's your favorite star of Beverly Hills Family Robinson all knocked up. If she wins, I'll watch the show... well, probably not.

Julie Chen:
As co-host of the CBS Early Show & of Big Brother, this nomination is the biggest thing she's accomplished in years. Her son, w/ CBS President Leslie Moonves, was born in September.

Ellen Pompeo:
When not sporting the Whole Foods bag, she apparently sporting a cup of decaf from Starbucks... along w/ starring on Grey's Anatomy, she LOVES to support the big chains that are working so hard to displace the small, local stores.

Gisele Bundchen:
Gisele is helping to raise the probability that someone whose name ends w/ "Chen" will win this year; of course, Julie Chen is countering that by being Julie Chen.

Amy Adams:
This happy exhibitionist has recovered from being dumped on "the Booze Cruise" well enough to go and get knocked up by some dude that isn't Jim Halpert.

Paula Patton:
Those of you who read her name & promptly asked, "Who is she?" can join the club. she is vaguely known for her role in Idelwild, but more importantly, the father is Robin Thicke... son of Alan Thicke... which makes this baby an honorary Seaver!

Adriana Lima:
This little Angel has been appearing in Victoria's Secret ads since 2000... including the sweet, sweet ad that featured Dylan. I hope the kid has a haggard face and grumbly voice! That's right folks, we referenced Dylan in the MILF contest... he is everywhere.

Sarah Chalke:
After her long stand as the weird looking chick on Scrubs, this Canuck played the weird looking chick who left Ted @ the alter on How I Met Your..... Her parents run an adoption agency in Vancouver helping to place Chinese babies into Canuck homes... very interesting!

Jenna Elfman:
Like Sarah Chalke, she appeared on Roseanne; also like Sarah Chalke, she is weird looking. But weird in a hotter kind of way. What's she doing now? Your guess is as good as mine. I think she might have a sit-com where she plays some older woman living w/ a bunch of younger guys or something like that. I may have her confused w/ someone else though.

Ashley Jensen:
She's on Ugly Betty now (if that's still on), but more importantly, she was on Extras w/ Ricky Gervais. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor... it's fantastic! Particularly the 1 w/ Ben Stiller & the 1 w/ Patrick Stewart. Her kid was born in October & is named Francis... after me perhaps?

Tiffani Thiessen:
This has-been was knocked up by her never-was, Brady Smith... you loved her on Saved by the Bell, you tolerated her on 90210, & now you can vote for her on Visions of Ypsi.


Kelly G. said...

Heidi Samuel (née Klum) (since i'm not famous enough to be included in the voting)


Courtney said...

So uninspired. I am going with SMG and just out of Buffy love. Heidi has it all and shouldn't get to win again and many of your other nominees are shanks I don't like.

Courtney said...

That was suppose to say and not just out of

jason said...

It's Lima time baby!

Dawn said...

Lima is gorgeous that's for sure, but there is no way Buffy is not winning this contest on my watch! And Andre, did you mean you'd watch Buffy if she wins or that ridiculous Beverly Hills Family Robinson show? I have never heard of that and it looks ridiculous, but you're missing out on a whole world of greatness if you've never watched Buffy!! So, in summary, in case you didn't get that, my vote goes to SMG.

Andre said...

I meant I'd watch Buffy but then I retracted my statement.

Anonymous said...




Just to make it official (even though your rules don't specify no voting for fictional characters) my votes goes to SMG.

And, I second Dawn: I can't believe you've never watched this amazing series! LOSER! :-)

love, Annette

Steve said...

Sarah Michelle Gellar because a) Buffy, obviously (though don't forget her work in Scooby Doo), and b) most of the rest of these people rate a big ol' "who??" from me.

Andre said...

Damn you Buffy people!

Daye said...

Going for Heidi cuz I luvs Project Runway soooooo much... "I'm sorry. You are OUT! Auf wierdsehn" (forgive my crappy german skillz

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Heidi, because who doesn't love a little mixed baby! Also, you do realize Amy Adams isn't Pam from The OfficeN right? Wasn't sure if it's your sarcasm or knowlege or pop culture that were slipping... :-)

eric Rudolph said...

well after a quick goggle photo search, I have to go with Adriana Lima, you cant go wrong when every pic is of her in undies, at most, ;)

Eric Rudolph

Anonymous said...

I agree with Eric, my vote is for Adriana Lima

Andre said...

Obviously she isn't Pam... as I said, she's the chick Jim dumped on the Boose Cruize.

And that last vote was from Nate @ Nicola's.

Andre said...

So I guess it's your knowledge of pop-culture that is problematic!

Erin said...

I love Buffy but I have to vote for Ashley Jensen. Though I can't really put my finger on why.

peltierinator said...

We are going to class this up a bit and throw another MILF into the mix.

Kendra is much hotter than any of the ladies you have on your list. This is 2 votes for Kendra.

Jean and Tiffany

Andre said...

Well, your late nominations will be taken into account, but highly doubt she will be considered since it's not clear who the hell you're talking about.

You may not be able to put your finger on it, but judging from her cleavage, I think you could put your whole arm in the middle of it.