Friday, December 4, 2009

World Cup Post #1: The Draw

Group A: S. Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France
France will go through as the top team w/ Mexico going through to the 2nd round as the 2nd team.

Group B: Argentina, S. Korea, Nigeria, Greece
Argentina is the obvious #1 team, but the 2nd could go in any direction. I'm pulling for Nigeria though.

Group C: England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia
I think England & USA will b 1 & 2, but the US could pull an upset here... then again, they could totally fuck up & watch Slovenia pass them by.

Group D: Germany, Australia, Ghana, Serbia
The Aussies are screwed. Both Ghana & Serbia could be the #2 team, & Germany is a lock for #1.

Group E: Netherlands, Japan, Cameroon, Denmark
The Dutch & the Danes will go through, but Cameroon could surprise people.

Group F: Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia
Italy has the easiest group; #2 could be any of these teams... none of whom will get past the 2nd round.

Group G: Brazil, Côte d'Ivoire, N. Korea, Portugal
Brazil will be #1, but #2 could go to Portugal or Côte d'Ivoire. I imagine people will assume Portugal will go through, but I have faith in The Elephants' ability to piss off Ronaldo & send him home in tears.

Group H: Spain, Switzerland, Chili, Honduras
Spain will go through w/ 3 wins, & then the Swiss will probably be the 2nd team.

Things could definitely be worse for France & the USA. That said, I imagine the USA will face Gerrmany in Round 2 & crash out of the competition right then & there. Many people in the British press are calling for an England v Brazil final, but the way I see it, it looks like they would meet up in the semis if England gets past France... which I don't see happening... & Brazil gets past the Dutch... which I don't see happening. I'm picking a France v Netherlands & a Germany v Spain semi-final. At that point it's up in the air. I'd prefer Brazil to Germany in the Semis, but it doesn't look like that's how it will play out. Of course, this is all based on my scattered reading of the brackets which might very well be flawed. Here's the Wikipedia way the brackets play out, so you can go through it yourself & correct my mistakes.


jason said...

It's not very creative, but I'm thinking Spain vs Brasil in the final. I like your Germany pick though. I think they're going to be better than most think.

Anonymous said...

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