Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Post #4: Chanukah Post #1

Faithful readers may recall my previous attempts at composing holiday songs. Here's the 1st one: Here's a link to the 1 I wrote in 2007. I doesn't hold together as well as it could, but I'm no Irving Berlin. I'm also no Neil Diamond or Bob Dylan, but w/ all of these Jewish songwriters taking a turn @ X-Mas, I thought, since Chanukah starts tomorrow, it'd be a nice change of pace to go for a Chanukah tune. The canon is much smaller, & the Dreidel Song blows, but as it turns out, X-Mas tunes in the tradition of non-Christiancentric music are tough. I spent a while yesterday trying to do a little Klezmer thing, but I failed miserably. Instead, to celebrate tomorrow's start to Chanukah, check out this sweet video from The Klezmatics. With that in mind, I think I may settle for a Polka... Eastern European, but not of specifically Jewish origin. I haven't finished it yet... I'm still coming up w/ words that rhyme w/ thong.Speaking of Jewish X-Mas music, I finally got the new Dyaln CD. I have some mixed feelings about it. The review in Uncut suggested that it works neither as a Dylan album nor as a X-Mas album which is interesting & I tend to agree, but (Stephanie will completely disagree here) there is something that seems to work. He takes it more seriously that I expected, & he adds an interesting political tone to many of the songs. Particularly "Do You Hear What I Hear," "Santa Clause is Coming to Town," & "Must Be Santa." I would imagine it's only for the die-hard fans, but overall, I'm digging it. Another X-Mas album I've been liking lately is Hag's Christmas by Merle Haggard. Stephanie found it @ a garage sale last summer, but it was originally released in the early '70s. It's got all of his good blue-collar themes w/ a bit of the grungey under-belly that Dylan runs w/ on Christmas in the Heart. Of course, David Grisman's Acoustic Christmas is another 1 that is in high rotation right now... & he's another Jewish dude who released a X-Mas album. Perhaps we'd better enjoy some latkes & sufganiyah w/ our pierogies & sauerkraut tonight.
Happy Chanukah Y'all!
Oh... & keep the nominaitons coming. I will post the nominees next week.


Stephanie said...

You forgot the best Christmas album ever! But I guess I'll let that pass for now... maybe you are saving that for a future Christmas post.

Nate said...

Orrin Hatch has got you beat.