Saturday, February 28, 2009

The DIA, a Deerstalker, &, come to think of it, a Heineken

We scored free DIA tickets from the library this week & decided to cap off my spring break w/ a trip into town. We met up w/ Elizabeth & Dan & had a great time showing the kids all the stuff. They'd never been there before but seemed to have a really good time. It was hard to gage because they claimed to be bored a lot, but they seemed really into it. They just didn't have the ability to contextualize it. We could never have done something like this when Sosltic eor Aiden were little, but Isaiah was sooo good the whole time... he loved shilling out & looking @ stuff. Aiden loved the medieval armour & Solstice was into the medieval religious stuff, the Van Goghs, & she seemed to enjoy the post-modern stuff too... it cracked her up. It cracks me up too which is partly why I love it. I must admit, I've never been too impressed by Warhol though. There are certainly much more interesting post-modernists than him. Speaking of being cracked up, I also cracked myself up by ordering a deerstalker last week for 8 pounds 7. It arrived & I wore it all day which was cool but also a bit attention whorey. I love it though, so after I've broken it in a bit, I'm sure it will be fine... kind of like my kilts I guess. I didn't used to be very comfortable wearing them either but now it's 2nd nature. I assumed Elizabeth would be less than pleased when she saw me walk into the museum in my kilt & deerstalker so I had to go ahead w/ it... it was pretty great. It was also pretty great when we got a snack The Kresge Court & saw they sell Heineken. I've never been a fan of it before, but along w/ watching Solstice in the contemporary gallery & wearing my deerstalker, I thought a Heineken would crack me up... I was right. It's nasty, but it was funny. While we "enjoyed" our Dutch import, Dan explained that the US will be playing Honduras @ soldier Field on June 6. Apparently a road trip is in order. For those of you who have forgotten, you can read about our last trip to Chicago for a US match here.
Gauguin's self-portrait
Solstice and a sculpture
Dan and a creepy, creepy baby
Solstice fascinated by a Lichtenstein
Stephanie nurses beautifully as the kids look ridiculous


Stephanie said...

Are you calling Elizabeth "Solstice" in that caption? You mix up their names in real life all the time, but in writing too?

Andre said...

No; for some reason, I actually thought that was Solstice. Sotice liked the Lichtenstien too.