Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finnegan's Wake Post #2

I'm still slowing making progress through the book. It's even starting to make a little sense. I read a glos of the first 2 chapters & what I basically thought was happening is actually what's happening. HCE has been accused of molesting/having sex w//some sort of sexual transgression w/ a young woman/teenage girl, but it doesn't seem likely that he is guilty or was even in the park @ that time. It sounds like his rumored guilt will spread around Dublin/Dooblym/Dabbyland & briefly/completely/until he dies tarnish his reputation. We'll see. Here's a nice little passage for you:
"Hay, hay, hay! Hoq, hoq, hoq! Faun and Flora on the lea love that little old joq. To anyone who knew and loved the christlikeness of the big cleanminded giant H. C. Earwicker thoughout his excellency long vicefreegal existence the mere suggestion of him as a lustsleuth nosing for trouble in a booby traprings particularly preposterous."

In other reading news, we did Borges' "Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote" in class yesterday. It's a fun little story about a guy who rewrites Don Quixote in 1902... word-for-word. It seemed as though people's heads were going to explode as they tried to wrap their minds around the idea of rewriting a book... but Borges is soooo fucking cool. Be sure to check him out if you haven't, or give him another look if you have.

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dan said...

Hell yeah--that is a great story. I bet they was freaked out!