Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aiding and Abetting the Celebrity Gossip Sites

I just learned via a friend's facebook update that Ryan Adams & Mandy Moore are engaged. Of course, Visions of Ypsi is known around the globe for its dedication to a skeptical approach to celeb gossip & rumor mongering, so we need to look closer @ this rumor. I'm really not that concerned w/ celebrity marriage, & I highly doubt any relationship involving Ryan Adams has a chance @ longevity, but the fact that Mandy Moore is involved is intruiging... I know absolutely nothing about her, but I hear her name a lot so she must be extremely talented. Anywaya, here's the situation.
1. I read the Facebook status
2. I Googled "Ryan Adams Mandy Moore
3. I clicked on the 1st link that mentioned their engagement, E-Online, who cited no one so I had to go back to Google.
4. I found the New York Magazine page which also discussed their engagement, & this strangely anti-Ryan Adams site even included a citation... Life & Style Magazine.
5. Follown their link to Life & Style, I was actually directed to Perez Hilton, which also cited Life & Style; however, the link they posted doesn't work.
6. I returned to Google & searched for Life & Style, a site that seems to have neither a reference to this rumored engagement, nor a search function.

It was this 6-step process that has dented my faith in the internet. I'm beginning to wonder if it's all just a bunch of baseless links w/ nothing but porn & hearsay... shocking!


jason said...

So is it true or not? That seems so bizarre if it is. Not that I'm constantly checking the gossip mags out or anything, but I'm fairly aware of that stuff even without seeking it out and I've never heard anything about these two being together.

Andre said...

Supposedly they were together last year and then he ended it because he didn't like the media frenzy... A frenzy neither of us heard about.

I don't imagine it will last long now even if it is true.

Happy Housewife said...

So uh, we are just friends now? ;-)

Andre said...

Did you mention it in an update too? i didn't actually see that. This little bit of info has certainly generated a lot of discussion 'round these parts.

The friend I was refering to was Rachel DuBois, an EMUite.