Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Post #7: Words

A few words about the previous post:
Before we get into the post of the day, I want to remind everyone that they need to scroll down to vote or just click here The Official Visions of Ypsi Celebrity MILF of the Year Contest has taken off, but Jennifer Garner is leading @ the moment... & that's no good.

Now a few words about sledding yesterday:
When I was a kid, we'd take our sleds & walk through the woods & fields until we found a new spot, a spot void of sled-tracks, a spot we'd never seen before. In Petoskey, we'd spend as much time finding a sledding area as we'd spend sledding... & it was good. We lived on a huge hill overlooking Lake Michigan in a pretty rural environment so the new sledding areas were seemingly endless. Dodging trees & ducking underneath electrified cattle fences were par for the course. In all those years, only once was someone rushed to the hospital when he slammed into a tree & ruptured his appendix. (Of course, this led to his sister claiming abdominal problems ran in her family when she had a cramp @ soccer practice after having eaten a plate of tacos before running for a 1/2 hour.) There were obviously some particular hills that bore repeated sledding, but the best was the exploring. Yesterday, I thought I'd take the kids sledding, but I wanted to go somewhere we'd never been. We found a great hill on the back side of a cemetery, but Aiden was unsure of that because he "doesn't really like cemeteries." I then suggested a hill @ then end of Clark Rd, but they were apprehensive because of the "No Trespassing" signs. When we were kids, "No Trespassing" signs simply meant that we were the first to sled there. We then went to Parker Mill Park, but they thought it was too close to the creek... 30 yards from the bottom of the hill to the beautiful frozen creek. We ended up on campus using the small hill behind the Porter Building. They had a blast, but next time, we're going to the cemetery. (I'll post the sledding pics when I get new batteries for the camera which are needed before I can up-load them.)

Now a few words about words:
According to The Economist, some ridiculous group in Texas, The Global Language Monitor, has predicted that April 29, 2009 will mark the debut of the 1 Millionth word in the English Language! As problematic as that count might be, be sure to check back here @ 12:01 AM (+12 GMT) on that date as I debut the new. In celebration of this, I'll work on coining some new terms over the next 4 months as a sort of build up to the great day. Today's word?
1. The greatness of pseudo-Mexican food including but not limited to Chimichangas. This also includes burritos in a "jam band" parking lot, nachos in a movie theater (often refered to as "Phantom Menace Nachos"), or quesadillas in a chain restaurant like Applebee's or Red Robin.
2. The cultish greatness of any low quality item including films, music, books, or television shows.


Stephanie said...

This blog is Chimilicious!!!!

Daye said...

ask me about sledding on the frozen turtle pond

dan said...

I love the plate of tacos reference! Hey man--your the dad. You tell the kids where their going to sled. Damnit!

Andre said...

That's another in an almost endless supply of Rossi stories.