Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Post # 6: Your Nominees

We @ Visions of Ypsi are proud to present the 5th Annual Celebrity M.I.L.F. of the Year Contest. Before you vote, however, be sure to read the rules:
1) The nominations have been considered and narrowed down to ten (10) contestants.
2) Each reader of Visions of Ypsi is allowed one (1) vote.
3) Votes are to be posted in the comments section of this post. Votes sent via e-mail or as a facebook post will be counted if I feel like it.
4) Giving people shit based on who they voted for is not only accepted, but encouraged.
5) All votes posted by 12:00 AM on New Years Eve will be counted.
6) Voting is closed @ 12:01 AM New Years Day.
7) Late nominations will be considered, but discouraged.
8) Those nominated but not included on this official ballot are not eligible for late nominations.
9) If a voter wishes to change his or her vote, she or he must petition the writers of Visions of Ypsi.
10) Anonymously posted votes will only be accepted if the writers of Visions of Ypsi are told who the person is who is voting anonymously. In other words, the post can be anonymous and I will protect his or her anonymity, but I want to know who is voting.
11) We @ Visions of Ypsi will only cast a vote to break a tie if said vote is necessary.
12) As always, nominees must not have been eligible last year so we're setting the cut-off dates @ August, assuming that the celebrities are having scheduled c-sections after 8 months which means that people like Nicole Kidman & Tori Spelling who gave birth before the cut-off date are ineligible. Furthermore, while rumors have been circulating that suggest Angelina Jolie may be eligible yet again, they have been denied by her Rep... & no one would want her to win again anyway. Previous winners include such luminaries as Michelle Willaims, Maggie Gyllenhaal & of course, last year's champion, Angelina Jolie. Last year's winner caused a bit of an uproar as it turned out people weren't too pleased (you can see the list of lats year's nominees here. In order to ensure your favorite M.I.L.F. The anticipation to see who will be crowned this year's winner has been building for months. And now... Your 2008 Visions of Ypsi Celebrity M.I.L.F. of the Year Nominees:
1) Anne Heche: Knocked up by boyfriend/co-star James Tupper (whoever he is???), this free-livin' chick was too cool to stay w/ Ellen & has since gone through a string of men while trying to find the love she left behind.2) Ashlee Simpson: This pseudo-celeb let the Fall out Boy bassist let a few slip by & now must pretend to care about him for another year or so.3) Amy Poehler: An early front-runner, she & her husband, some dude who has been in some little known films & did a voice in Ratatouille are expecting a kid... just like she did in her recent film, Baby Mama. We didn't see it, but we're sure it will be a classic.4) Gillian Anderson: Special Agent Scully had a bun in the oven for most of the year; she finally popped in mid-October. The father? some guy named Mark Griffiths.5) Gwen Stafani: The only nominee to have been nominated in a previous season. In August she had yet another child w/ that guy from The Goo Goo Dolls... you'd think that w/ all this creation going on, 1 of them could create a decent song once in a while.6) Jennifer Garner: This star of Deconstructing Harry & Dude, Where's My Car is spent most of this year preggers w/ Ben Affeck's kid. I think he fathered some other kid on here a few years ago w/ a different M.I.L.F., but I'm not certain. I suppose we'll have to check the archives.7) Michele Monaghan: We @ Visions of Ypsi have never seen any of her films, but that didn't stop her from allowing her husband, graphic artist Peter White, to plant the old seed. She gave birth last month.8) Minnie Driver: While not a front runner, she may be the Visions of Ypsi favorite this year. Be sure to watch the Governess in her honor soon. The baby daddy is unknown, but apparently not her former boy-toy Ryan Adams.9) Tameka Foster: This wife of Usher had her 2nd child last week. I don't think she's an out & out celeb, but he is so she counts.10) Rebecca Romijn: She left Stamos & then hooked up w/ Jerry O'Connell? Stamos is almost a Beach Boy for Christ's Sake! What the Hell has O'Connell done? Stand By Me & Sliders? I suppose his appearance on Charles in Charge was pretty sweet too... & the fact that he is supposedly having regular sex w/ Rebecca Romijn.11) Naomi Watts: I've never been a fan, but I guess Liev Schreiber is. They just celebrated the birth of their 2nd kid. She's pretty hot too.


peltierinator said...

This field seems very weak compared to last year, although I don't remember it to well. I just think this is a weak field.

I vote for Jennifer Garner.

Andre said...

I knew you would.

There's a link to last year's if you feel the need to compare.

jason said...

I agree it's a weak field. I vote for Romijn-Stamos-O'Connell.

cmadler said...

This field doesn't seem weak compared to last year, it IS weak compared to last year! I see six of last year's nominees who would beat out this year's bunch. Also, I think #7 spells her first name "Michelle".

That said, I'm also voting for Garner. Remember the post-Super Bowl Alias episode?

biscodo said...

Garner, shmarner. Booorrring. And I think that might be the worst possible photo of Gillian Anderson. Is it me, or is she only smoking hot when she's carrying a gun and a badge? I could've gone for Rebecca Romijn, but...

Give me Naomi Watts any day. Take me to Australia and talk dirty to me in that limey accent.

Happy Housewife said...

Amy Poehler.
The rest are a bunch of twats (well aside from Gwen S. but her hubby is so she is by association).

Stephanie said...

1.Not Anne Henche... she broke up with my Ellen. She must be nutty.
2.Not Ashlee Simpson... she's better than her sister, but thats not saying much.
3.Not Amy Poehler... she's too goofy. Funny is sexy and all, but she's just not.
4.Not Gillian Anderson... too many aliens in that show. Scary isn't sexy.
5.hmm... Gwen is a maybe. She is beautiful.
6.Jennifer Garner is cute in this picture, but overall her mouth bugs me. I loved her in Juno. But no, not Jennifer.
7.Not this Michelle person, never heard of her.
8.Not Minnie. Oh how I loved her in The Governess. But she's aged weird, not bad, but not good.
9.Not Tameka. What if he makes her give him his pre-show enema? Eww. Usher is gross and so by contact she is too.
10.Not Rebecca. She just annoys me.
11. This Naomi woman, who is she? She is exactly what I wanted to look like when I was preggers. So I of course hate her. So no, not Naomi.

Guess my vote is for Gwen then, so there you go.

peltierinator said...

Jennifer Garner. Because Jean thinks he's Ben Affleck. This is Tiffany

Dawn said...

Gwen. I love her and many of her I disagree with your decent song commentary. Her husband on the other hand, and I think he is from Bush and not the Goo Goo Dolls, is pretty lame.

But she's the feistiest and hot (although hotter when she's not pregnant in my opinion) so she gets my vote.

Jen Garner is just too cute while pregnant and so I hate her, echoing Stephanie's sentiments about naomi watts. She also has another kid with Ben Affleck, which might be the other kid he sired that you refer to.

jason said...

Yeah man. You need to fire your crack research team. Get your facts straight.

Andre said...

I've never done crack research. I've researched plenty of other substances, but never crack.

Anonymous said...

I'm torn between Amy and Gillian, so they each get 1/2 vote from me. -- Net

tinybluemarble said...

My vote looks to be another Nader or Green Party vote. Pure in casting it, but one that will not affect the outcome.

Clearly, Michelle/Michele is the most MILFable.

And while this isnt' her best photo, at least she's working to win our support through timely holiday-themed, 5th Annual Celebrity M.I.L.F. of the Year Contest publicity stunts. Or something:

And another to sway the swayable:

(tinybluemarble = joeleckel)

Dee said...

Definately Gwen - even with points taken off for her husband.


Megan said...

I vote for Amy. I always enjoy a smart and funny gal. If Tina Fey had a baby this year, I'd be voting for her. But I'll vote for Amy by association.

(And P.S. Gavin may be a tool, but coming from a 90's kid....he's a damn gorgeous one! And yes, he was in Bush, not the Goo Goo Dolls...funny Andre.)