Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Post #5: The Specials

I was going to list my top 10 Holiday Special bad guys, but I could only come up w/ 9. It's interesting how they are almost all basically the same Scrooge-like character... the X-Mas Baddie w/ 1,000 faces. From what I can tell, this dates back to 1843 w/ the publication of A Christmas Carol, but I suppose we could say it goes back to the late 14th Century w/ the Green Knight who busts into the Solstice Celebrations in Camelot & wreaks havoc after putting his head back on his neck, but before ending everything all happy & full of X-Mas joy. Unfortunately, that was never turned into a Holiday Special, so he must remain off of this list. others are most certainly on the list though, so w/o further ado, here's the Official Visions of Ypsi Top 9 Holiday Special Bad Guys.
9) Eon: Though a creepy character, this baddie from Rudolph's Shiny New Year is as ridiculous as the everything else on the special. 8) The Heat Miser: A weirdo who who seems to run South Town in The Year w/o a Santa Clause. He has to allow it to snow so Santa can deliver the gifts... stupid! 7) The Grinch: though iconic, he's such an obvious choice, I didn't feel comfortable putting him any higher on the list. 6) Darth Vader: He may be the greatest bad guy in the history of great bad guys, but his role in The Star Wars Holiday Special is rather brief so he can't justifiably go any higher on the list. If you are so inclined, you can watch it here. of course, I am so inclined. 5) The Winter Warlock: He tries to freeze the heart of St. Nick in Santa Clause is comin' to Town, but like most of these guys, he comes good in the end.4) Lucy van Pelt: Only peripherally a "bad guy," but I'll take what I can get. She's 1 of the few on the list who doesn't seem to really change throughout the special. Although, it could be said that Linus helps her learn the true meaning @ the end when they show Chuck's tree a bit of love. 3) The Bumble: Apart from bouncing, he doesn't do a whole lot in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but he inadvertently saves Yukon Cornelius from certain death as they tumble over the cliff... or into the water... or whatever the hell they do. And in the end, he tops the tree w/ the beautiful star. 2) Professor Hinkle: The epitome of slimy assholes; his magical hat brings Frosty to life, before he locks Frosty & whatshername in a greenhouse... what a bad-ass! In the end, he gets a new hat so everyone is happy. 1) Scrooge McDuck: He's no George C. Scott, but he's still pretty sweet in Mickey's Christmas Carol. Goofy as the Ghost of Jacob Marley is cool too.
While we're thinking about the holidays, don't forget to check back soon to post your nominees for Visions of Ypsi Celebrity MILF of the Year!!!


tinybluemarble said...

Profound take on a serious Christmas issue. But Scrooge McDuck as #1?!! That's ridiculous. Scrougy and a cranky, greedy-ass, but #1 "Bad Guy"?

jason said...

How could you not comment on the similarities between The Bumble and the wampa?

Andre said...

Oh, good call. Had he had his arm cut off, he owuld have had a hard time topping the tree.

Scrooge because he sets the standart for all other X-Mas bad guys.