Sunday, August 3, 2008

British Television

A couple things converged this morning leading me to think about this post. I watched 2 shows & then saw a preview for a new 1 which looks pretty cool. we'll see how Primeval turns out next Sat. night... a show about some time warp which drags prehistoric animals into modern situations. It sounds a bit Spielbergesque, but I think I'll watch a couple episodes before I decide. That said, the shows I watched were both from England making me think about the best British shows ever: here is the top 10.
10) The Naked Chef
This show definitely has its detractors, but it's 1 of the only cooking shows I've ever gotten hooked on... & he's so gosh darn cute. His fake cockney accent is charming, & the fact that he's always bringing the hotties over for a bite @ the end of the shows to watch a match on the tele is impressive.9) The Avengers
This beats out The Mod Squad for a place on the list. Why? Emma Peel.This is the 2nd oldest show on the list, but #1 in terms of hot leading ladies. Much hotter, in fact, than Margaret Tyzack even.8) Match of the Day
It's 1 of the longest running shows in British history & the 1st to bring football highlights into London homes on a weekly basis way back in 1964. While Gary Lineker is less hot than Emma Peel, 44 years & counting is a damn good run.7) I, Claudius
This is often called a mini-series, but @ 13 episodes I'll go out on a limb & say it's a series. I watched it as a kid w/ my parents, & I've been meaning to check it out again. It's quality stuff.6) The Saint
A pretty weird show which bridged the gap between Roger Moore's stint on Maverick & his stint in the Bond films. In fact, this show is responsible for him getting the role as Bond, but I won't hold that against him. Simon Templar is an international playboy who solves crimes & bags jewel thieves in his spare time. While almost as campy as Batman, it's a fun show.5) Monarch of the Glen
The series petered out in the final seasons, but the 1st 4 were great. (The 5th was ok too.) Plus, it brought kilts into the living rooms of people all around Britain for 8 years. Speaking of kilts, we went to the St. Andrews Highland Fest in Livonia yesterday, but I digress... more on that soon. Check out the show if you get the chance. I think it's still on PBS, so you have that option.4) I love the....
I've never been secretive about the fact that I love I Love the.... Vh1's knock off of the British show is fantastic, but if it weren't for the original, VH1 would be nothing by Flavor Flav & Bret Michaels (which might be alright too). I've even watched I Love Toys, I love the Holidays, & even I love the New Millennium. While the latter sucked ass, the rest owe their greatness to this fantastic British show.3) Robin Hood
The most recent in a slew of shows about the legendary tighted archer is by far the best. I was skeptical @ 1st, but I'm hooked now. Marian was run through w/ a broad sword @ the end of the 2nd season (an episode I watched this morning) which is the 1st time her character has ever been killed off. A cool little cliff-hanger.2) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Like Robin Hood, Holmes has been on TV countless times, but the Brett/Hardwicke version for the 1980s is 1 of the best shows I've ever seen... & I've seen a lot. Jeremy Brett died before they were able to film all of the Holmes stories, & he suffered from bi-polar disorder throughout the last few seasons... not to mention the heart problems that finally killed him... that & a 3 pack a day smoking habit. I've loved this show since it was on PBS in the 1980s. See it!1)Monty Python's Flying Circus
I know some of you silly wankas are wondering, "What about Ab Fab? What about Dr. Who? what about Benny Hill?" To you I say, "Piss off & write ya own bloody blog!" This is Visions of Ypsi... only the best... only for you. My love for Pythons is not very different than that of the rest of you. It very well might be the best show of all time on either side of the pond. You know you love it... watch a few episodes soon.


Happy Housewife said...

*Sigh* I love me some Brit T.V. as you know.
You've left off Blue Peter! (not a story of a cold dickie) and The Young Ones!
Python is the best but what about Fawlty Towers or Are You Being Served? Oh my god I also love Keeping Up Appearances!
And have GOT to get some copies of Little Britian. It's ALMOST as good as Python.

Daye said...

this was fun...Robin Hood??? really???

Andre said...

Fawlty Towers: only 13 episodes and it's really just more of the same Pythonesque humor.

Are ou Being Served: Kinda sucks

Keeping Up Appearances: Kinda sucks.

I've never heard of Blue Peter... I'll check it out... and yes, the new Robin Hood is cool, but not very historically accurate. Kind of like "A Knight's Tale" w/o the cheesey rock music.

joe said...

Roger Moore was on Maverick?

Andre said...

Yep. Bret, Bart were the Maverick brothers and Beau (Roger Moore) was their British cousin. He didn't make as many episodes as James Garner, but he made a lot. They were rarely on together and they were written so any one of the actors could fill in. They were pretty interchangable.