Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pirate Week Post #4: Peter Blood

"Id is fery boedigal... Captain Blood is fond of boetry." Or so claims Admiral van der Kuylen @ the close of Captain Blood. I've blogged about the film on many occasions, but only this week, the main reason for the Pirate Week festivities, did I actually read the book. I 1st heard of the book when I was working @ Borders 6 or 7years ago, but then it was out of print. However, a couple weeks ago, when I had my sweet, sweet gift certificate, I stumbled upon it & figured why not? Having read it, I've realized the main reason "why not" is because it kinda sucks... In fact, the author, Raphael Sabatini, may have been a bit racist. But then again, so were many of the writers fro the Modernist Period. Although the narrator in this book goes a bit far @ times... describing a slave as "all teeth & eye balls." I'd expect that from a character, or a writer 100 years earlier, but this is from 1922! The depiction of the Spanish & French is only marginally less offensive, but still not much worse than the depictions of the French during the build up to the War on Iraq. By the end of the book, the English don't get a very good go-around either, but it's not based on some inherent inferiority like the depictions of the Blacks & the Spaniards. If only Sabatini was graced w/ the poetical skills that his character attributes to Captain Blood, it'd be a little less problematic. Still, it's fun like Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan: a guilty pleasure well worth the read.Along w/ reading this book & doing the other things written about this week, Pirate Week also included a viewing of "Sabrina and the Pirates" as Solstice has recently developed a love for Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Speaking of Solstice, she has a new post on her blog so check it out. I also watch, like the Sabrina episode, completely by chance, the episode of My Name is Earl called "Buried treasure". Speaking of new posts, Aiden also has a post on his blog, so check that one out too. This brings us to the close of another fun & moderately successful Pirate Week @ Visions of Ypsi. I now return you to your regularly scheduled soccer and tit posts. Here's a soccer story courtesy of Steve. And here's some tits

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Anonymous said...

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Among other things.
Dad is liked, so expect the intent was not there. However, I suspect the same cannot be said for his wife.
Case in point:::Neighbor's driveway sidewalk chalk art consisted of a girl's name, a smiley face, other innocent, child-like offerings.
In our driveway our kids drew body outlines, like those one would find at a murder scene.
And all his son spoke of was guns, hunting and killing.
The father's irresponsibility was manifested in how the son spoke when he was younger. Just ask his former teachers.