Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kids: Big & Little

Arsenal played their 1st pre-seaon game this morning, but I had to work so I asked Stephanie to watch it & send me text updates. I didn't think she'd actually go for it, but I told her the URL & kept my fingers crossed. Then @ 10:16 I got this text: "I found the game; it's nil-nil." I was shocked, but not as shocked as I wsa a 1/2 hour later when she told me Barnet FC was actually winning 1-0. I figured Arsenal were playing the young kids, but losing to Barnet, a team in the Football League 2, is pretty odd. League 2 is actually 4 divisions below the Premiership so you can understand my surprise. At 11:30 she told me Arsenal was up 2-1 so all was fine. Neither of the newest Gunners played in today's match, but if you haven't been paying attention, We'll take a moment to introduce you to your 2008 New Signings (so far): My B-Day buddy, Samir Nasri joined from Olympique de Marseille last week for 12 mil, & Aaron Ramsey joined from Cardiff last month for 5 mil after an impressive run to the FA Cup Finals. I'm still in shock from the fact that she kept checking though. Mine was a total Duerr/Clifford move. For those of you that don't know this, Jason used to make Amy skip her classes & watch Springer in order to deliver a complete report afterwards. At least Stephanie is "like 'hey'."Speaking of the Gunners, but also moving on to a little baby news, I ordered Isaiah this sweet, sweet onesie the other day when I placed my order for the new home jersey. I also scored him a couple Arsenal bibs so he'll be styling come the mid-season fixtures. Speaking of the upcoming fixtures, some of you are yet to create your fantasy teams & join the Dirty Bastard League. Get on it! (Let me know if you need me to resend the code.) As of right now, it's just Jean, Demir, Solstice, Aiden, & me.In other Solstice news, I have a couple movies about which I need to report. I recorded a film a few weeks ago thinking it would be great for a family movie night. I was wrong. I'd seen The Snowball Express multiple times as a kid (@ home, @ the Rossi's, even @ school) & loved every minute of it. Dean Jones' character inherits a dilapidated inn in CO & plans to restore it & turn it into a ski lodge. However, even Harry Morgan's mad-cap antics couldn't save this clunker. About 1/2 way through, Solstice suggested that maybe I liked it because it was about skiing & since I used to ski a lot I could relate to it. I'm afraid she might have hit the nail on the head. It sucks.A 2nd sucky movie I watched recently is Transformers. Solstice spent the night @ her friend's lst night so Aiden & I watched it. He loved it, but I think it's a piece of shit. I'd heard so many good things about it too. Furthermore, the acting is pretty good, the
occasional jokes are funny, & the chick is hot! It's just such a stupid story; there's nothing more than meets the eye about it. I think this is why I never really like Transformers when I was a kid either... that & the fact that I was always too stupid to figure out how to transform them. Be sure to join us next time when we answer these and many other questions:
Who is Visions of Ypsi endorsing for President?
Who is Visions of Ypsi endorsing for Drain Commissioner?
Can full size people live in those fun-sized houses?
Is Batter Blaster more than just an crass name for cock?


jason said...

I don't recall ever making her skip classes to watch Springer! I was never even a fan of Springer. And if I was, I'd totally skip class myself. God knows I didn't need much of an excuse to do that.

When does the Premier League start? Send me the link for the fantasy league.

Andre said...

The code is on the way.

I definitely remember you doing that. I never understood why, but it was pretty weird. You were also watching Springer when you let me know Dave G. was on.

dan said...

That Fantasy League might just have all its participants. A lil more than a week and we'll hoist a beer isho ni (together).

stephanie said...

What a compliment! I'm glad to know that I'm "like "hey"". :)

Elizabeth said...

I sure hope the endorsement goes to Obama. I never know with you, but if not I might not be able to call you my brother.

Also- not a surprise about those movies. I don't remember The Snowball Express.

Elizabeth said...

I really liked Amy.

Andre said...

I actually meant to say that you're not "like 'hey'."

izzy said...

I love my bibs and onesie! Thanks daddy!