Monday, July 21, 2008

Long Awaited Answers to Previously Posed Questions

Layin' Pipe in Washtenaw County
Considering I've backed up more than my fair share of drains, the issue of Drain Commissioner is 1 that is close to my heart. After checking out the web-sites of 2 of the 3 candidates (Richard Deitering doesn't even have a site & there's no way in Hell I'd endorse anyone who isn't using the grassroots campaign strategies of Howard Dean), I've decided that while Douglas A. Egeler's service in the Marine Corps & his 31 years in the plumbing industry are strong factors, Visions of Ypsi is proud to announce that we are endorsing Janis Bobrin for Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner. She has served the county in this role for nearly 20 years & has a spanking picture of Atchison Drain on her main page. She's also been endorsed by Alma Wheeler Smith, the UAW, & the Sierra Club, but I imagine it is this endorsement which will really kick-start her re-election campaign. Check out her web-site & get listed as an supporter or get yourself a yard sign! Power to the people!

Little House - Big World
The next issue I promised I would tackle involves the Tiny Houses. Steve posted a link to this a few years ago, but there was a story on Weekend Edition about this so I wanted to check it out again... it's hilarious (but pretty great if you live by yourself, don't have any pets, & have Agoraphobia. In all honesty, they're great for the environment, but would be a bit difficult w/ a family. The woman interviewed on the radio said she powers her house w/ a solar panel & 9 bucks worth of propane every month.

This Portion of the Post is not about Face Glaze
While @ work this weekend, I was made aware of a fascinating new product called Batter Blaster. Of course, all the obligatory dick jokes were made (& a few that were rather uncalled for), but it actually seems like it might be a decent thing to get for a camping trip. Other than that, it just seems nasty. It is organic though, so @ least there's that. For those of you who didn't follow the link, Batter Blaster is pancake batter that comes in a sort of Ready Whip style canister. Sounds Delicious.

If Only He Really was a Terrorist: The Presidential EndorsementThis weeks has been spent w/ diapers & walking & bouncing & all things baby so I didn't have a chance to comment on the New Yorker cover, but I couldn't let it slip by unnoticed. I think it's a whole lot funnier than the media made it out to be. Obviously, it's not an attack on the Obamas but on the people who have been making the rather dubious claims about his allegiances. That said, I would definitely like Michelle Obama more if she came w/ a dash of Angela Davis (rather than Angela Lansbury). Oh well, I'll take what I can get, so Visions of Ypsi is proud to announce that we are officially endorsing Barack Obama. After all, Angela Lansbury was pretty good in the 1979 remake of The Lady Vanishes.


Elizabeth said...

OK- you can still be my brother

jason said...

What does being agoraphobic have to do with having a tiny house?

Andre said...

Along w/ being the fear of crowds, agoraphobia is also the fear of open spaces. People w/ that fear would like a tiny, compact house.

Dawn said...

I've really been waiting a long time for these answers. thanks!