Friday, March 21, 2008

Andre P: Super Reader

The long Easter weekend has given me 2 things. 1) Extra blogging time w/ which to catch up on some things I've been meaning to discuss for a while & 2) time to go to the kids' school yesterday to become a "Super Reader!" I've always enjoyed reading (well since high school anyway), but until yesterday I'd never been given the proper recognition. I made cookies & went to Aiden's class where we I read The Ewoks Join the Fight, a picture book retelling of the Endor storyline from Jedi. I was impressed when the kids noticed the subtle differences between the book & the film which meant we got to discuss the process of adaptation & why things that work in 1 medium don't work in another. I think our group (Aiden & 2 of his classmates) actually understood the issue too. In Solstice's class, I read Alexander Who's Not (Do you hear me, I mean it) Going to Move. I wasn't aware of any other Alexander books besides The Horrible No Good Very Bad Day until yesterday. It was cute & we got to talk about moving & leaving friends & family behind. It was a good conversation, but I was surprised by the fact that those types of books were in a 3rd grade classroom. Speaking of my "Super Reading" skills, the attentive reader will notice that I updated the "Chain Reading Profile" on the sidebar & started The Freelance Pallbearers yesterday. I've been a big fan of Ishmael Reed's for quite a while & this book doesn't disappoint. It;s his 1st novel & is reminiscent of Naked Lunch. Give it a read.This mug-shot-esque pic (taken by Solstice) not only shows the certificate, but also my new facial do. Beards give men a palate with which they can paint new pictures every week. Women can share in the fun by changing pubic beard styles, but (regrettably) they don't have as many chances to flaunt their new dos. Anyway, this is the "Friendly Mutton Chop" as popularized by many Civil War Generals & 19th Century Congressmen. I guess it's called this because the Mutton Chops are getting friendly by shaking hands over the upper lip. By sporting such a style, I suppose I may need to get this shirt. It speaks volumes. This picture also feature my new hair product: VO5 Extreme Reworkable Putty. Sine last summer's failed Mohawk experiment, I've begun to understand the joy that is product. This new stuff has the consistency of tacky Elmer's glue that has been spilled & left to sit out for about a 1/2 hour. I like it, but I'm not completely sold on the "reworkable" idea. How many times do people really need to "rework" their hair in between showers? I know I don't shower as often as most people, but I would think the target audience for this product is showering @ least once a day... probably more than that. Other than that, it seems to be working pretty well. So if you're hip to the idea that putting glue in your hair is a good idea, you should try this stuff.


Daye said...

you are SUCH a metro!

Ypsipearl said...

I don't doesn't seem like you need hardcore hair product that's extreme and putty-like unless you were trying to get your hair to stand up. And aren't you trying to get your hair to stay down? Although, if you're going for Civil War-style I suppose it will make you look more authentic by getting more dirt to stick to your hair. Thus accelerating the war-weary general look between showers.

Was the mohawk a failed experiment? What did you expect to be successful besides actually having a mohawk?

biscodo said...

Have you considered this T-shirt?

Ypsipearl - "product" isn't always about getting your hair to stand up. Personally, I'm a product-to-hold-em-down kind of bloke.

Sometimes a mohawk is less about the hair and more about a way of life.

Perhaps the question is not "what did you expect to be successful?" but rather "what failed?"

Ypsipearl said...

True, looking at the hair product aisle it is clear that they're meant to be tranformative in many different ways. But putty sounds STIFF. Or molding. I'm not the most hair product savvy person but I think Andre might be less product savvy than myself so I offered up some feedback, but fine, you can be the all-knowing hair product advisor.

And, why can't I asked what wasn't successful? You're so pugnacious.

Oh wait. Is this petty bickering? Sgt. Murphy's going to delete this from his Busytown blog.

jason said...

The thought of you using something called VO5 Extreme Reworkable Putty cracks me up for some reason. Almost as much as that picture. It looks like you photoshopped your mugshot. I believe instead of the Super Reader sign, the one you were really holding said,
Peltier, Andre
5th Precinct
Washtenaw County
charged with: 1 count Mopery

Elizabeth said...

I am proud to have a Super Reader as a brother. Then I am not proud that he uses V05 Extreme Reworkable Putty.

I give it a week. It's too high maintenance for you.

Andre said...

Failed because I don't have the proper attitude to make it work. The failure was on my end; it was never the fault of the hair.

I don't think I could pull off a moustache rides shirt, Andy. It seems pretty closely related to #3 on the list that Jason post yesterday.

peltierinator said...

you should put the super reader certificate on a t-shirt. It would look great and might help you pick up chicks.

I love the new civil war beard.

dan said...

Super Reader! More like Super Sleazy! Looking good Sgt.

Ypsipearl said...

You should wear this t-shirt with that friendly mutton chop.

I hope I did that link right.

Ypsipearl said...

Well, crap.

It's the "Abe Lincoln: I bet he was a cool guy" from Palmer Cash. It will show that you're not for the Confederates.

Tierra the earth mama said...

I like the mutton chops!

And yeah, the reader T-shirt sounds like a cute idea!