Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail: This is for Brodie

In keeping w/ my pledge to always bring you the most up-to-the-minute reports on The Catholic Holy Week, and seeing as it is Holy Tuesday (tomorrow is "Soot Sweeping Wednesday, btw), I've decided to give you my Top 10 Easter Films, much like the list I posted in December of holiday films. Careful readers will note that the #1 Easter film has changed since I wrote about this a few years ago & the previous #1 has been relegated to #2. Stay tuned for the Top Ten Passover Films.
Honorable Mention goes to The Robe, the film that introduced the world to CinemaScope & to Ben Hur, w/o which we'd never have the sweet sweet Pod Race scene in Episode 1.
10) Jesus of Nazareth: Often considered the best film version of the Christ story, this mini-series was directed by Franco Zeffirelli and gives a nice humanizing characterization of Jesus
9) Yogi the Easter Bear: When Easter comes to Jellystone, Yogi Bear is up to his old tricks stealing pic-a-nic baskets with his hetero-life-mate Boo Boo. As it turns out, the Easter Bunny has been kidnapped, and they must do everything they can to save him.
8) Jesus Christ Superstar: One more script for the Andrew Lloyd Webber Grill; it's not the greatest film, but then, what can we expect when ALW is involved?
7) Easter Parade: When I dream of Easter, I dream of Judy Garland & thanks to this movie, my Easter dreams have become a reality.
6) The Velveteen Rabbit: There are 2 decent versions of this, 1 narrated by Dennis Hopper & the other by Christopher Plummer.
5) It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown: What list of holiday films is complete w/o a Peanuts special... other than my other list of holiday films?
4) The Last Temptation of Christ: My favorite film version of the Christ story. Harvey Keitel as Judas... sadly, he keeps his clothes on. I'll never forget Fr. Donnaher's rant about how this film was going to end civilization. For some reason though, I doubt he ever saw it. Also, I don't think it had that big of an impact on civilization.
3) The Greatest Story Ever Told: Ming the Merciless IS Jesus Christ! (plus, there's a Grateful Dead song named after this film!)
2) Life of Brian: Blessed are the cheese makers.
1) Mallrats: Some might suggest that this isn't really an Easter film, but we @ Visions of Ypsi know better.


jason said...

My dog thanks you for the post, but you spelled his name wrong. It's spelled Brody.

Andre said...

I have always wondered why you spelled it that way.

jason said...

That was how it was spelled by the people I got him from. I saw no reason to change it. Brody Jenner (Bruce's son) spells it like that and I pretty much live my life by the credo "What Would Bruce Jenner Do?"

Andre said...

Oh, wow. I thought you named him after Brodie Bruce. I didn't know he was already named that.

jason said...

And his middle name is Thomas because of my alter ego, former boy band member Brody Thomas.

Elizabeth said...

Jason totally missed his calling. He would be awesome in a boy band.

Andre said...

Trust me, we've had that discussion many times.

Stephanie said...

too too funny!!!!

That reminds me Jason, I played my N'Sync cd for the kids the other day :) Only you would appreciate that as much as me

jason said...

Does Solstice know who Justin Timberlake is yet?

stephanie said...

She does, and Joey was on Hannah Montana awhile back, so I thought it was time to educate her!