Saturday, June 5, 2010

World Cup Post #3: The Fantasy League

I know I should keep my team to myself until it becomes public on Friday, but I'm so freaking excited (& I know it won't really matter), so I'm going to post my team.
Goalie: Buffon (Italia)
Defenders: Maicon (Brasil), Pique(España), Sagna (Française)
Midfielders: Gourcuff (Française), Song (Cameroon), Hamsik (Slovenská), Schweinsteiger (Deutschland)
Forwards: Messi (Argentina), Van Persie (Nederland), Fabiano (Brasil)

Subs: Ziani (Algeria) def., Bernardez (Honduras) mid., Cesar (Slovenija) mid., Myong-Gil (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) goalie

As of right now, the league consists of myself, my brother, my father, Jason, Joel, & Demir. If you want to join, go here to register & create a squad, & then join the league: DB WC2010 & use the password 12345. And check back soon for my posts about the French & American teams.

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