Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WCP #9: The Best Laid Schemes....

Problematic Scheme #1:
Yesterday, Stephanie suggested that we try to coordinate out meals w/ the cuisines of the countries represented in the World Cup. Awesome idea! Except that we're 5 days into it, it's only 30 day long, there are 32 countries, & I work a couple nights a week which allows me to break soman w/ the family. That said, we're going to attempt it anyway. Now I have 4 major projects for the summer on top of work, vacation, planning a class & reading for class: 1) Spacey-a-thon 2) world Cup-a-thon, World Cup cuisine-athon & 4) Article in defense of the Vuvuzella (blog post to come soon in regards to this one). I think we'll have to bring a few cuisines together to shorten the proses. N. & S. Korea can share a meal (& their people can learn through example like looking to the Black & White cookie. Uruguay & Paraguay might be able to have a single meal. Nigeria & Cote d'Ivore can go together. Finally, think Australia & New Zealand (bbq shrimp w/ Marmite sandwiches) might work as a one-off as well. We did USA on Saturday w/ Hot Dogs, & England yesterday w/ Bridies, Bangers & Mash, & Ploughmans. We may have to use the Perogies & Kielbasa to represent Germany (they controlled Poland for a little while & it's in the fridge already, is that insensitive? If so, we'll come up w/ something else). I'll keep you all posted on how it works out.

Problematic Scheme #2:
I spent the better part of the last year trying to devise a way to get the family to S. Africa. Obviously, it didn't pan out. I then logged on to The Phil Zone the other day for the 1st time in ages to get a Phish set-list & i found a link to the blog of a fellow Zoner who is actually in S. Africa & going to matches right now. my schemes didn't pan out, but his did. You can check it out here.

Problematic Scheme #3:
I was assuming Buffon would have an easy game for Italy yesterday. I battled my emotions & made him my captain on my fantasy team. As it turns out, he gave up a goal & then was subbed out 2 the half w/ an injury. All my hopes & dreams of appointing him the Player of the Day were dashed. This makes us then move on to other options. The only match I was able to watch yesterday was the 1st one: Netherlands v Denmark. Oddly, Bendtner had a really good game, & oddly, he was then subbed out (his fitness was a question beforehand so maybe he was just still hurt). Of the Dutch though, I was a bit surprised. They played well, but not as well as I expected. The young Eljero Elia (named after a mis-understanding of Al Jarreau's name... I shit you not) had a strong showing, but it was the Arsenal man who takes today's award. Your Visions of Ypsi Player of the Day: Robin van Persie.

Here he is w/ the strange numbering on his shirt


jason said...

I also had Buffon, although he wasn't my captain. Together with Howard I have two hurt goalies. I think I'm going to have to use up a transfer to make sure I have someone playing this week. Elia impressed me. Honda of Japan would have been my choice for player of the day. I love how you base your decision on only seeing 1/3 of the games. Kind of like your list of best reubens in washtenaw county even though you've never had one from any of the best delis in the area.

Andre said...

I have to base my decisions on what I know. It's all I've got.