Monday, June 14, 2010

WCP #8: A Quickie Player of the Day Post

As the Dutch are set to play in a 1/2 hour, I need to keep this quick. Yesterday's matches started out dull as fuck. I ended up giving up on Algeria v Slovenia & mowing the lawn. I missed the 2nd major goalie debacle of the tournament as Slovenia got a lucky win (in what might be the coolest jersey of the tournament... w/ that Charlie Brown zig-zag across the front), but then watched the Ghana v Serbia match before going to my games. I've always like Ghana, & I was happy they were able to pull it out in the end. After my 1st match, Liz, Dan, Sam, & I sat in the bar @ Ford & Canton Center to watch the 2nd 1/2 of the Germany v Australia match. The Aussies looked set to pull 1 back, but then the ref inexplicably showed Cahill a red card. He was in line for your Player of the Day Award until that happened. As it stands, it only seems fair to go w/ a German since they won 4-nil. I considered a few, but in the end, Your Visions of Ypsi Player of the Day is none other than Asenal transfer target Mesut Ozil. Much of their best stuff came through him, but I doubt Wenger will actually buy him. He'll end up @ Chelsea, I'm sure.
Here he is, looking oddly odd looking

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peltierinator said...

he played a great game, but does look odd. He missed at least 2 chances in the firs half because of bad touches.