Monday, June 21, 2010

WCP #15: Matsuchan & Vuvuzela

After the Verde FC match yesterday morning, a match in which I blew out the inside left big toe of my boots, I went w/ Elizabeth, Dan, & Sammy to Matsuchan, the new ramen shop @ Ford Rd. & Sheldon in Canton. (Check out the review on Yelp. I went w/ the Tofu/Vegetable ramen which may have been a mistake. The salt broth was pretty bland. Both Dan & Elizabeth got much better stuff. I don't recall what Dan got (it was really good though), but Elizabeth got the Soba/Miso Salad & it was awesome. The place is tiny & uber-authentic. Go there.Afterwards, we hit Soccer World on Canton Center. I scored a new pair of boots to replace the blown out toe & I scored some Vuvuzela for the kids. They came to the Green Team match & had a great time blowing them on the side-lines. As for the shoes, I got some Diadoras that were on 1/2 off clearance which was pretty cool. I wore them for the 1st 1/2 & then switched back to the old ones to avoid the blisters while I'm breaking them in. I think they'll work out well.

And now, Your Visions of Ypsi Player of the Day. a big part of me (but not my cock) wanted to go w/ Patrice Evra for unifying the French squad against Domeneche. I'm loving the melt-down & their willingness to air their dirty laundry on such a grand stage. I think it should really go to someone who actually played yesterday though, which leaves us 2 options. Fabiano finally shined up his scoring boots, but the 1st was lucky & the 2nd was the result of his use of his hand... twice. If Henry is a villain for putting Ireland out w/ a hand-ball, Fabiano must be seen in a similar way. Cote d'Ivoire was looking likely to score until he put in a 2nd which changed everything. They are unlikely to progress now (especially w/ Portugal's hammering of N. Korea while I write this). Of course, they're just Cote d'Ivoire & he's not French so it will go relatively unnoticed. But not by me. This leaves us w/ the 2nd option, a man whom I never would have expected to get this prestegious award. He scored Brazil's 3rd goal, work his ass off, & wass then taken out after a nasty tackle on his shin: Elano.
Revolution has come... time to pick up the gun


Dawn said...

Ramen shop sounds awesome - I am all about soba/miso. I will definitely check it out! Have you tried that Indian "street food" place on Ford/Canton Center? The name is escaping me, but it is all uber-authentic and delicious.

jason said...

You can't compare Fabiano's hand ball and Henry's! Brasil would have won that game with or without that goal. Henry's put France in the World Cup and stole Ireland's spot. Given the way France has played, it makes it all the more tragic. Ireland should be playing right now, not France! The Ivory Coast shouldn't be advancing to the second round and Brasil obviously should.

Andre said...

But w/o the handball they obviously could have cme back. They controled most of the game and Brazil scored on counters. And Ireland would be losing too.

Dawn: I wasn't aware of it. I'll look into it this week.