Wednesday, July 8, 2009

W/ Your Bitch Slap Rapping & Your Cocaine Tongue

In July of 1992, I went to The Silverdome w/ a friend from high school to see the circus that was the Guns n Roses/Metallica tour. Faith No More opened to a rather empty arena but when Metallica came out, the place was nuts. I was really there to see GnR, but Metallica were definitely the better live act. They played for a couple hours as we (in our youthful glory) got wasted... afterwards, I puked out the car door in the parking lot & then some dude walked by & slipped in it. That was pretty great. What wasn't so great was the GnR set. It could have simply come down to the fact that we'd just watched 4 hours of heavy metal & were a bit exhausted, but there was something missing from the energy of their set. Axl, in true douchebag form, did costume changes in between each song so as to wear what he wore in the videos while performing the singles, & if you'll recall, there were a lot of GnR singles back then. One of the more popular ones that year was the theme song to Terminator 2, "You Could Be Mine." While I was loving the song, I'd never actually seen the film... or any other Terminator film for that matter until last week. We recorded the movies & have had ourselves a little Schwarzenegger mini-marathon of late. As it turns out, I kind of loved the movies, even the 3rd one which has been almost universally panned. I love the time-travel stuff, I love the historical implications of attempting to change the past, I love that that dude from Tombstone plays Kyle Reese. It appears that I'm going to need to see the new one & maybe check out that short-lived series too. It also appears that I need to rethink my top 10 Schwarzenegger. Until last night, Total Recall sat atop that list, but we watched it last night (I hadn't seen it since 1990) & it kind of sucks. It certainly doesn't hold up after 20 years.
10) Twins
9) Red Sonja
8) The Running Man
7) Predator
6) Conan the Barbarian
5) Commando
4) Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines
3) Conan the Destroyer
2) Terminator 2: Judgement Night
1) The Terminator
(Along w/ the Axl Rose info, there is a second kilt-wearing FYI for y'all... Friday night in Saline is the 3rd Annual Mr. Pretty Legs in a Kilt Contest @ the Saline Celtic Festival. Stephanie & I will be there drinking pitchers of Guinness so you should press your kilt &join us for a rockin' good time!)


Stephanie said...

I'm still shocked at how much I enjoyed those movies. Goes to show, you just never know.

peltierinator said...

I can't believe you've never seen these. Don't waste your time with the series though.

Miko said...

Where is Kindergarten Cop on your list?
I like video games!

jason said...

True Lies and Total Recall are better than Red Sonja and Twins!

Andre said...

I haven't seen True Lies so I left it off th list. I admit that I haven't seen Red Sonja since it was first on cable so it's quite possible that if I were to see it again, I'd have to rethink that.

cmadler said...

I guess it partly depends if you're ranking Schwarzenegger's performances or the movies. If you're ranking his performance, T2 is better than T3 (for example), but if you're ranking the movie, I'd put T3 in front (because the kid who played John Connor in T2 was terrible).

I've tried a couple times, but I've found Predator unwatchable. I will say that I'd probably rank True Lies way up there; it's a great blend of action and comedy.