Thursday, July 16, 2009


My dad went into the hospital yesterday morning to have his right knee replaced. The surgery went well, & he was up & about a little today. I saw him for a few hours, let him beat me in a game of gin, & watched some Sky Sports w/ him where we learned all about the rumored Adebayor move from Arsenal to Man City. I'm going back tomorrow afternoon w/ the kids so they'll get a chance to say hi too. While the physical therapy people were getting him up & moving, I went down to the hospital cafeteria for a snack... I love hospital cafeterias! I scored perogies, egg noodles w/ sauerkraut, a big salad, a pudding, & a Diet Pepsi for 4 bucks. Awesome! I only get hospital cafeteria food once every year or two, so when I get it... I get it good!


tiffany said...

Hospital food sucks. Man City are going after Lescott as well. AS I said before, they are my new favorite team and will kick man u.'s ass this year.

jason said...

Sounds like Man City is going to be the New York Mets of the Premier League. Check the standings and their payroll, that's not a good thing.