Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Big Big Mud Hens trip

We rolled out of Ypsi yesterday afternoon around 3:00ish & got to Tony Packo's around quarter to 4:00. We by-passed the place across from the field & went straight to the original location on Front St. on the south side of the river. Aiden claimed they have the best hot dogs he's ever eaten, & I have to agree. I hadn't had a chili dog in about 3 years, so I took it upon myself to eat 2. They're great. I've been feeling it ever since, but I'm glad I finally got to enjoy a Packo's dog. I'd always wanted to go there... ever since I saw Klinger talking about it when I was a little kid. Once we finished eating, we went to a nice park along the river for a little while before wee headed to the game here's a full game report from the Toledo Blade). Scranton won the 1st game 7-2, & then The Mud Hens evened things up w/ a 2-0 victory in the 2nd game. There were some ridiculous errors & the pitching left something to be desired, but it was definitely a fun time. In fact, I'm sure we'll be going back soon. Aiden & I got hats & he also got a mini bat & a Cub scouts Mud Hens Sleep Over shirt that he's loving. He also scored a mini-batting helmet w/ an ice-cream Sunday in it. Since I'd already had hot-dogs, I went for another, but it wasn't nearly as good as the Packo's one.

After the games, there was a small fire-works display & then they showed Bolt on the big screens while we set up the tent & relaxed. sleeping on the grass got my allergies going something awful, but we slept pretty well until we were awakened @ 7:00 by someone say we had an hour to get out. The packing up went quickly & we stopped @ Waffle House for breakfast in Sylvania, OH before making it home by 9:30.
@ Tony Packo's
the view from our seats
tents in the outfield
Aiden @ the tent
dawn @ the ball-park


Dawn said...

Wow - chilidogs and wafflehouse all in one trip! Sounds like you guys had fun - very cool father/son time :)

dan said...

3 dogs--making up for lost time. Nice work.

Elvis Costello said...

I hear in Ypsilanti the girls don't wear no panties

Joe said...

That looks like a cool stadium for a minor league team.

Andre said...

That's a fact, Elvis.

tiffany said...

Since your off the wagon, try some bacon.