Thursday, January 17, 2008

I've got them African Cup of Nations Fevers Again Mama

The African Cup of Nations starts Sunday in Ghana. Many of the games should be fantastic. African soccer has improved by leaps & bounds lately, so one would think FSC or ESPN would grab the rights to the tournament. No dice though; it's not being shown on TV here though unless you happen to have some weird African Sports package on Direct TV. We'll survive though because Telesund will be streaming most of the games on-line here. I'm particularly looking forward to Monday's match between Nigeria & Core d' Ivoire. This tournament is also a nice lead in to the European Championships that will be happening in Switzerland & Austria this summer. This is a job that would normally be left up to our favorite asshat, Landon Donovan, but I've decided to take the reigns and bring you a quick overview of the goings on this month.
Group A Venue: Accra
Teams: Ghana, Morocco, Guinea, Namibia
I would imagine Ghana & Morocco will have an easy time of this group, but look to Guinea to mount a surprisingly strong challenge.
Group B Venue: Sekondi
Teams: Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Benin
If any group should be called "the group of death," it's this one. Mali got screwed. I have no idea how Nigeria & Cote d'Ivoire, but I would think many people were hoping to see them meet in the finals. Mali probably could have made it out of any other group.
Group C Venue: Kumasi
Teams: Egypt, Cameroon, Zambia, Sudan
Other than Cameroon, I don't know much about these teams, but I would guess Egypt will go through as the 2nd team from group C.
Group D Venue: Tamale
Teams: Tunisia, Senegal, South Africa, Angola
This group is hard to call, but I would think that S. Africa will go through. They've been doing a lot to strengthen their program lately in the build up to the 2010 world Cup which they'll be hosting. And for those of you keeping score, that will be the 1st ever World Cup Finals in Africa.


Elizabeth said...

Hey Gary....I mean Andre. That's a pretty impressive breakdown. You should really go into sports analysis.

jason said...

Your analysis isn't quite as good as this:

peltierinator said...

What channel is that on?

Andre said...

Perhaps you didn't read the post. It's not on tv other than on some obsure Direct TV channel (if you have the African Sports Package), but you can stream games on-line from the link I provided.

jason said...

Is there really such a thing as the African Sports Package?

Andre said...


I don't know what else it would have. Maybe some Cricket and some jumping off platforms and crashing into the ground like I saw on PBS once.