Saturday, January 12, 2008

Honky Tonk Heroes

I went to The Magic Bag last night w/ Georgina & Stacey. There were 4 bands on the bill, but we arrived to see only the very end of The Offramps' set. If they were anything like the 2nd or 3rd bands though, I'm fine w/ missing them. net up was Van Go Go featuring the vocalist & guitarist from South Normal. I kinda dug SN when I saw them last year, but Van Go Go annoyed me. Particularly the bassist & his ridiculous theatrics... jumping around & posing like Duff McKagen. The lyrics left a bit to be desired too w/ songs like
"Hello ladies and gentlemen
Hello ladies and gentlemen
Hello ladies and gentlemen
Are you ready to rock?"
In a later song, they claimed to have "sold their soul to rock & roll," I think they got a bum deal on that one. they should have held out for better lyrics. After a short break, The Grand Nationals played & again, I was left unimpressed. The band was much tighter than Van Go Go, but the singer was shit. Dancin' around w/ his mic stand... I've never really liked vocalists who don't play instruments. Pick up a tambourine or some maracas or something. Maybe an acoustic guitar or a harmonica. Something. Between the 2 bands, is was like both of Guns & Roses' clown shoes. Aside from posing w/ the mic stand, there was also a lot of yelling @ the audience & giving us the finger. he had the attitude of John Lyden but it didn't fit w/ their pop-rock sound. The guy w/ Robert Smith hair on guitar was a bit odd too. If the bands were to trade vocalists, between the 2 of them, I think they could make 1 good band.Finally, Whitey Morgan & the Waycross Georgia Farmboys (or whatever the hell they're calling themselves this week) came out & did their sweet, sweet drunken country thing. I hadn't seen them since June & they're doing a lot more originals now. They opened w/ "Honky Tonk Heroes," & then went into a couple of their own tunes. The new ones are really good. Other covers included "Long Haired Country Boy," "Runnin' w/ the Devil," "I'm on Fire," & "You Can Have Her." It was a super-tight set, but it could've been a bit longer. They finished up just after 1:00 which was nice though because I was able to get to bed @ a decent time. It was also the 1st time I've remained sober throughout an entire WM show which was a nice change of pace. All in all, it would have been nice if there had been 1 less band on the bill & Whitey was able to start earlier.


Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

My theory is that the front man for Grand Nationals went to Rock 'n Roll camp this summer and wanted to be sure to work all his new moves into the 35 minute set. They forgot to tell him that, at best, he can get away with only one "Hell Yeah" per set.

I think the bass player for the Van Go Go's went to the same camp... and what was with his hair? Looked like a wig.

Glad Whitey was there to bring some class to the joint. Geez.

Stacey said...

I'm with you on the painfulness of the opening bands. As I've said before and I will say again, I think starting out with some twang and building up to the honky tonk would go over much better.

With Burns Night coming up, you'll soon be able to replenish your cupboard with Scotch that people leave behind. Then you can fill your flask and get drunk for the next Whitey, how about that.

Andre said...

I've been thinking that sobriety is actually kinda nice... who knew?

Elizabeth said...

Where is my brother and what have you done with him?

Stacey said...

Aren't you confusing moderation with sobriety? I would like to reassure Elizabeth that her brother did in fact drink beer, but did not get wasted. My theory is that he's trying to live up to his newest haircut.

Peter said...

This is the second time in two days (count 'em...two) that the Offramps have turned up in my travels. Curious + more curious, Clearly, it must be the case that I'm missing out on something.