Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Commercials and PSAs

If you hate this asshole like I hate this asshole then we'd hate this asshole the same
Have you seen this commercial? It's on the Fox Soccer Channel non-stop, but I don't know if viewers of regular tv get to see it. Giuseppe Franco is one of the biggest ass-hats I've ever seen. Although, I love that when he suggests that his Beverly Hills salon deals w/ many celebrities they show a picture of Gary Busey. Then, as the voice over says that it really works and helps to regrow hair, the small print at the bottom of the screen says "Procede is not intended to regrow hair." WTF??? At first, it seems like a parody of hair-care commercials, but having seen it ad nauseam since August, I've had to come to the conclusion that this imbecile really just takes himself that seriously. "I don't own the company, I don't own anything about it." His hair is fantastic though so at least there's that... but why does the owner of a hair salon have autographed head-shots?
He's a bad mother... watch your mouth
I saw the promo for this weekend's SAG awards show this morning while watching Rockford. while it doesn't thing all that noteworthy, it's actually notable for 3 distinct reasons.
1) It'll be the 1st major awards gala since the SWG strike started, and it's a union celebration. That alone almost makes me want to watch it.
2) I saw it on WADL 38 Detroit. I've been meaning to write about this channel for a while now. It's funny as shit. It's all African American televangelists & old Black sit-coms like The Jeffersons, Sanford & Son, Goodtimes, & Amen... & then of course The Rockford Files. Why Rockford? That is unknown.
3) Most importantly, the commercial uses "The Theme from Shaft" replacing "Shaft" w/ "SAG." Another reason to watch this show. Now, if only it was something worth watching.
The future's here, we are it, we are on our own
Another commercial this morning on WADL was for the Red Cross & their need for blood. There was a shot of a young woman (maybe 18 or 20) giving blood & she was wearing a Grateful Dead t-shirt... the same 1 that Stephanie got 15 years ago @ our very 1st show. I had to call her right away & she said she still has the shirt. Of course, I still have a copy of the show [(Set I) Picasso, Althea, Queen Jane, It Must Have Been the Roses, It's All Over Now, Bird Song (Set II)Truckin' > New Speedway Boogie > That Would be Something > Long Way to Go Home > Saint of Circumstance > He's Gone > Drums/Space > The Last Time > Standing on the Moon > Lovelight (E) I Fought the Law] Including "I fought the Law, I only knew 4 songs. It was a great time though & I had to run out & get Built to Last that week because I was loving "SOTM" so much. Maybe I'll give the old tape a run-through today in honor of that girl who was giving blood.
A little Public Service Announcement for y'all
As you may have heard, for reasons that I'm not going to explain here, Stephanie has left her husband... you've probably heard the reasons already anyway. If not, then you must be living under a rock. That said, the newly single Stephanie seems a lot like the old Stephanie & we've been working really hard to reestablish our friendship. Obviously, a lot went down over the last year a half, but reconnecting and hanging out has been really nice. If you see her around, be sure to say hi. In fact, you may have a chance on Saturday since she is coming to Burns Night which kind of makes this 2 PSAs in one... be sure you're getting ready for the big night. I think that for next year, I'll get a piper or maybe learn to play myself. I found a pretty cheap set on E-bay. How hard can it be? I'm sure I'd take to them as easily as I've taken to all the other instruments I play.


Stacey said...

Why not give blood in honor of all the people that need blood?

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

Uh-oh, watch out. Stacey's getting all nurse-y on us :)

Zoe the Wonder Dog said...

E has a kid set of pipes that are ridiculously hard to play. I'll try to remember to bring them along, just for chuckles.

Andre said...

Well, obviously, Stacey.

Actually, now that you mention it, I gave blood the morning of the last Dead show at the Palace. it was also the morning of my 2nd to last Dead show of all time.

dan said...

Can anyone say 10,000 pound gorilla?
Purple Elephant?

Stacey said...

Oh, Andre Andre ANDRE. You should put your name and picture of your luscious locks on a hair product. It's french, people like french words on their beauty jizz.

Andre said...

I like it. Andre Peltier's Beauty Jizz: just like hte French people use.

Dan, what the hell are you talking about?

Stephanie said...

wow- my very own public service announcement! I'm flattered!!