Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Gov't Stole my Book!

I got a call the other night from Stacey's son wondering if I had a copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X. He needed it for a class, which in and of itself is pretty impressive since he's only in middle school. A shout-out to the Ypsi schools is definitely in need here. I was watching Rockford when he called so I didn't grab it then, but thinking I knew exactly where my copy was I said sure. Yesterday morning, I went to grab it for him, but it wasn't there. At that point I figured it must be in my office. Wrong again. My copy of his FBI Files is there as is my copy of Malcolm X Speaks, but not the autobiography. One would think they would all be together considering my anal approach to book organization, but they aren't. My next thought was that maybe my ex-wife took it when she moved, but that just doesn't make sense. She wouldn't want it, & I've had it since before we started dating. Why would she suddenly lay claim to it? My next thought was that maybe I loaned it to someone & never got it back, which is possible, but then Stacey said she thinks that must be what happened to her copy too. It seems however, that both of us losing the same book in the same way is unlikely which brings me to my final thought: The Government. I have a feeling there is some hush-hush post-9/11 FBI program centered around secreting away copies of his autobiography. It's the only thing that makes sense. Just like COINTELPRO & the MOVE house in Philly & Pine Ridge & Kent State & JFK & MLK & Malcolm X himself & Masons & The Knights Templar & Skull and Bones & the cover-up of Paul's death on the cover of Sgt Pepper's & The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. OK, maybe those last 2 are a bit far fetched, certainly less likely than an FBI program designed to protect the status quo from the ideas of people like Malcolm X. Plus, from now on, whenever I lose something, I can blame the man.


Ypsipearl said...

You have a copy of Malcolm X's FBI files? How thick is it?

I think The Government planted the Rockford Files to keep Whitey complacent. The Revolution will not be televised!

biscodo said...

Been meaning to read the autobiography, and it's on my shelf. I have a copy the boy can borrow, if'n ya want. Er... that assumes that The Establishment snuck in and stolen it from me by now. I haven't checked in a while - they might have gotten to me too.

power to the people! kill whitey!

Ypsipearl said...

Here you go, I don't know how to do hyperlink thingies:

Thanks for the offer, but I bought Evan the book. He's all set.

jason said...

You lent that book to me 2 years ago dude. I'll bring it back at Christmas.

Andre said...

The FBI file is 505 pages, not counting the index. It may very well be the most boring read of all time. I saw John Lennon's once, but I didn't read it because it was only for a moment. The shit they know about people is insane. There used to be a web-site where anyone could buy any dead person's file for 10 cents a page once the person has been dead for 5 years. A few famous ones like Malcolm X, MLK, and John Lennon's have been published though. I got it off of Amazon a few years ago.

Anyone can also get a copy of his or her own file, but when someone requests a file, it only tips them off that they should have one on that person. I've tried to get my dad to request his, but he feels it's a can of worms he'd rather not open up right now.

Joe said...

Duerr, is that the copy you let me take on the plane back to Texas in July 05'?