Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holiday Post #3: Gary Peltier, All American

After spending way too much time on I-75 in Cincinnati while getting around a nasty accident (there must have been 30 cops & 5 ambulances) we finally pulled into Livonia around 10:00 PM. Again, thanks to some great suggestions from frinds, we had fun tunes for the road:

Bob Dylan: Blood on the Tracks
Emmylou Harris: Roses in the Snow
Willie Nelson: Teatro
Bob Dylan: Blond on Blond
Poi Dog Pondering: Greatest Hits

All in all, the trip South was great,although considering my parents left the directions at home we had to do a little reconnoitering to find Owensboro. Lots of fun happened; here's a brief overview:
We watched Live Free or Die Hard twice. It's a shit movie but the more we watched it, the more we enjoyed it. Oddly, Tiffany had seen it 6 times in theaters last summer. I never figured out why though. Lots of explosions & civilian death, but the lack of a plot seemed to hurt the overall film.
We played tons of Ping Pong. I hadn't played since The Detroiter in Jason's basement when we were n college. It was fun & even my dad got in on the action.We also introduced my parents to the wonders of the Wii. My mom enjoyed tennis while my father had his way w/ both tennis & golf before I smoked everyone in bowling. It may very well have been the 1st time they played a video game. He used to enjoy pinball, but that's just not the same.He also made his less-than-famous turkey soup. He doesn't cook much, but fancies himself a sort of sous chef. His 1st attempt came back in 1989 when he attempted some sort of dirt-ass Chinese stuff. he has definitely improved since then, but it always has meat in it so I can't speak directly to the quality.


Elizabeth said...

i can speak directly to the quality, if that's what were calling it. nice action photo's of GFP!

dan said...

"dirt-ass Chinese" You did become a bigot in the KY!

I'm stoked that Gary and Marianne got in on the ping pong and Wii action. Very sorry I missed out.

Andre said...

I'm not anti-chinite, I'm anti-soupite.