Thursday, November 22, 2007

Holiday Post #2: Live from the KY

1st off, thanks for all the recommendations. I had to avoid Patti Smith because I don't have any of her new stuff: just Horses. Here's what we did listen too though:

Paul Simon: Graceland (thanks Dan)
The Mamas and the Papas: Greatest Hits
Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash: live bootleg from 1968ish
Bill Monroe: American Traveler (Thanks Dawn)
Simon and Garfunkel: Greatest Hits

My father enjoyed the Mamas & the Papas & the Dylan/Cash sessions so much, he asked me to make him copies. A question to which my mother replies, "You can do that? You can just burn a copy of a CD on a computer?" No mom, I play the 8-track really loud and record it on my fucking reel-to-reel. She was so amazed by this new-fangled technology. Of course, my father's driving left a little something to be desired too. Although, I suppose I should commend him for his ability to use both lanes at the same time & his ability to simultaneously drive & sleep while basically staying on the road w/o killing anyone. Other than that & the driving rain all evening (& the fact that we left 2 1/2 hours late) the trip was nice. However, I've never heard of a state where one can't get from the biggest city (in this case Louisville) to the 3rd biggest city (in this case Owensboro) by expressway. It was a safe trip though & now the food is being prepared by Jean & my mom while I blog, drink tea, & watch the Bob Dylan marathon on VH1 Classic. In related news, before wee left yesterday, I dropped the kids off @ my ex-wife's place & then saw this crazy barn so I snapped a couple pics for y'all. Check it out:

In other Thanksgiving news, here's the WKRP in Cincinati Thanksgiving episode, Turkeys Away. My father has forced it into our traditional family Thanksgiving celebration & admittedly, it is pretty funny. This is posted here in 3 parts particularily for Dan & Elizabeth because I know that they're missing the celebration this year. I had to find it on Youtube because my dad was flipping out about the fact that he left his VHS copy in Livonia. Enjoy:


Elizabeth said...

Thanks! I actually did think about it and wonder if you guys brought the tape to the KY. I might just torture Dan and make him sit through this with me. Tell the kids hi!

dawn said...

That's just about the best family tradition I've ever heard of...I'll take WKRP over football anyday!!

Andre said...

Unfortunately, we had to watch some of the Lions' game too... until they returned to their losing ways and I put on the FA Cup First Round replay between Stains Town and Stockport.

jason said...

Stains Town?
I think that's where they manufacture my underwear.

Ali G said...

Never under-estimate Stains Massive!