Thursday, August 2, 2007

Niagara, Part II

The Ripley's Museum on the Street of Fun

After the main water attractions, I took my kids up the "Street of Fun:" the street featuring all of the kitchy tourist trap shit. Of course this was some of their favorite stuff. I got a free adult pass to the funhouse & then we went to the Ripley's Museum which I'll admit was pretty fuckin' sweet. Afterwards, we decided to get dinner & considering the expensive mediocre meal the night before, we decided to get out of the main area of town to find a restaurant. This was the best decision of the trip as it lead us to The Flying Saucer Restaurant! A restaurant shaped like a fucking flying saucer. The food was great & it was cheap as hell. We went back the next morning for their 99 cent breakfast special too before hitting The Welland Canal so my mom could watch the freighters going through the locks... she lives for that shit... don't ask; I don't get it either.

At the Flying Saucer w/ my kids

Mom & Dad at the canal

After the locks, we went to The African Lion Safari, a huge outdoor wild-life preserve through which one drives while looking at (or in the case of many of the douche bags in near us, feed junk food and gum to) the animals. It was like a big zoo, & not being the biggest fan of zoos, it was alright. The kids loved it, especially the baboons who were climbing all over people's cars, particularly those who put fries or potato chips on their windshields. We also took the boat ride around some small islands, all of which featured different kinds of monkeys. Then we stood in line for 45 minutes while waiting for a train ride that didn't really go anywhere or show us any animals. It's alright though. We had a good time, & the kids thought it was pretty cool. Of course we drove passed it twice because it wasn't well marked, but the signage for The Four Seasons Nudist Resort down the road was impossible to miss. I wanted to check that out too, but we were short on time & the idea of 70-somethings playing volleyball while letting their wrinkly little pricks flap in the wind doesn't really sound like the way I want to spend my afternoon. Well, it kind of does, but as I said, we didn't have time. Be sure to check back soon for the Dungrass/Petoskey updates. I'm pretty excited to get to show the kids Niagara & Sleeping Bear w/in a week & a half. Along w/ the Everglades, the Mississippi, The Grand Canyon & a few other places out west, the dunes & the falls are 2 of the weirdest, most amazing wonders of nature in North America. I don't think they'd be able to comprehend the grandness of the Mississippi yet though, but They certainly understood the sublimity of the falls. Of course, the sublime nature of a nudist resort can't be under-estimated either.

At the African Lion Safari


jason said...

99 cents?!!!!!

We went to an African safari thing like that on the way back from Cedar Pointe once. The camels were pure hell. I thought we might be the first family to be killed by semi-wild camels in North America.

Andre said...

Yeah... Canadian. (Although, the exchange rate right now is almost even.)