Saturday, March 3, 2007

Guess Who Didn't Go Skiing

First, I thought my shoulder injury would keep me off the slopes and in Ypsi this weekend. My shoulder is still pretty fucked up, but not enough to keep me from skiing. Then I thought I might not be able to go since my kids had stomach issues this week and I might catch them. That didn't happen so all was a go. Once my car broke down I thought I wouldn't be able to afford a trip, but it was really a X-mas present anyway so that wasn't going to stop me. However, with all of the problems we narrowly averted, we didn't foresee my brother's car breaking down when we got onto US 23. It was fine going down Washtenaw, but as we merged onto the expressway, it suddenly wouldn't accelerate past 30 mph... not that different than my car's problems. We had to turn around and go home. Considering what I went through to attempt this vacation, perhaps it just wasn't meant to be. We were going to go a few weeks ago, but I postponed it then in order to go to Steve and Annette's party. I suppose if we'd gone then, whichever car we took would have broken down in Petoskey which would have been worse. On the plus side, I'm not spending money I don't have, I get to rest my shoulder a bit more, and I get to go to the Shit Kickers' Ball tonight at the Blind Pig. (You should all come out to the Pig tonight and enjoy the music and Daisy Duke Contest.) I suppose I'll just end up watching the Arsenal game, reading, and grocery shopping this afternoon which isn't all bad. While you are busy doing whatever it is you're doing this afternoon, don't forget to comment on the post below. Although, upon further investigation, the waitress/server/insert current politically correct term here may actually be a bit young.


Travis Bickle said...

She's not THAT young, like jailbait or anything. You're just chickening out. I say, get 'em young before those tattoos bleed into inky shapeless blobs all over her body.

Anonymous said...

um, Travis...go suck on an egg.

Travis Bickle said...

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?!!