Friday, March 2, 2007

Breakfast and Skiing

I have a little road trip tradition. I enjoy going out to breakfast before I hit the road, and since we're going to Petoskey this afternoon, I figured pancakes and eggs from Tony's Restaurant and Grill would fit the bill. It used to be Johnny's Family Restaurant and before that it was the Country Squire, but the menu hasn't changed w/ the ownership. Apparently, they were looking into getting a liquor license at one point, but that fell. Anyway, they have this absolutely beautiful waitress/server/whatever the current politically correct term for that is and Stacey (w/ whom I've had breakfast there a couple times) claims she flirts w/ me. She has a lot of piercings (facial... I don't know about the rest) and tattoos and fantastic, um, personality. I'm such a douche bag though. Seeing as I haven't dated in ages, I have no idea what to say to her, so I thought we could use the "Show Us Your Tits" section for a little advice. When I get back from skiing, I'll then go get breakfast again and maybe use the advice you leave. I'll do my best to award the person who leave the advice that works.


Stacey said...

Let's see...

~tell her you'd like your big sausage to get together with her eggs.

~ask her if she's ever heard of Tubgirl and if she hasn't, get her e-mail address and send her a link. Then you can ask her for a date.

~smear your lips in egg yolk, kiss the napkin and give it to her with your phone number on it. I know I suggested it to you before and you weren't into it, but I still like the idea.

That's all I can think of right now. Good luck, you can do it!

Temporary like Achilles said...

I like the tubgirl idea... I'll keep that in mind. That's like the kind of dating advice Travis Bickle would give.

Anonymous said...

ok, I'll be the one to be the buzz kill here: YOU ARE NOT READY DUDE!! until your soon to be x stops coming to your home for a few days to hang with the kids, no woman will feel comfortable getting too close to you.

of course, if it's just sex you want, then maybe it won't be such an issue.