Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lost: The Final Episode

After my 2nd match this evening, I need to race home having imbibed very little beer in order to catch the recap before the last episode. I'm excited but also a bit saddened by the end of the show. This season hasn't been quite as good as seasons 4 & 5 which are clearly my favorites, but it's been fun. The answers to the questions have occasionally left me w/ more questions though... like when will the spin-off movie come out to answer yet more questions & what the fuck are they thinking w/ the lack of more pseudo-scientific explanations? There have been a lot of answers though so I looked back @ the list of question I posted a year ago & realized that only a few haven't been addressed. Walt, Libby, & Helen probably won't get covered tonight, but we might get some interesting info about Faraday. It probably won't be in regards to A2, but it should be good none-the-less.

Enjoy the series finale & check back here tomorrow for a more thorough wrap-up... adios & namaste.


Daye said...

it was fun looking at last year's questions...i feel kinda used and bleh

Andre said...

I don't. It was not at all what I was expecting, but that's always been the thing w/ that show. They said repetedly that the island wasn't hell or purgatory or Limbo or whatever, but they never said that hat we assumed wass the "real world" wasn't those things.