Sunday, March 21, 2010

Verde FC

In the ever-widening family of Visions of Ypsi related bogs, I'd like to introduce you to the one for our new team. Dan & I went to the MUSL office yesterday to register. We're still short a few people, but it seems to be coming together pretty well. If you know of people over 30 w/ some skills & the desire to play for a sweet, sweet team, pass on my info! In the mean time, dig our sweet, sweet shirts:


jason said...

Those are sweet! You guys actually have home AND away jerseys? Can I order one from the Eurosport catalog?

Andre said...

We have the 1st an the alternate. The home team has to change which I think is kind of strange, so I imagine we'll be wearing the silver 4 or so times. There are three other Canton teams and i think they're all green.

dan found them on some random web-site; I'll post the link and you can be an honorary Verde FC member.

Steve said...

Let me know that link too-- honorary Verde FC member would be a fine thing. And I wouldn't mind the shirt.