Thursday, March 4, 2010

A thought while running today

There's a little breaking news, but before we get to that, I need to clear something up. While running (I made it 5.7 miles today @ a good pace), I was thinking about the old llama farm on Superior which in turn got me thinking about llamas in general & my interest in them. People often wonder what it is about them that I dig. So here's the thing... in Plymouth there was a llama farm that I always loved & on 1 occasion, Stephanie & I even got a chance to meet them. That alone isn't really enough though. Of course, that isn't enough to make the llama my #1 favorite animal. There's also the Phish song, which is obviously a cool tune (you can hear a a good version from 1992 here), but that isn't really it either. I think my love for these animals is down to their basic personality. They have a sort of have a slacker-chic situation going on. Perhaps you're not aware of this, but I kind of do too. I know there are other, more slackerish animals, but they're too showy. Take the possum (another Phish song); their very name is "possum." Their name is a synonym for being lazy.. that's going to far. They're sort of slacker attention whores. I may be a slacker, & I may be an attention whore, but I'm not an attention whore about my slacking. The llama may be a slacker, but they also know how to party when necessary, that's the other thing I dig about them. They will even get up on their hind legs and sing... that's pretty awesome. They're not like drunks sing Neil Diamond in a bar though... they're subtle about it. So many animals are stinky or obnoxious, or showy... llamas aren't like that @ all, llamas just are.

Oh... & I promised a little new news.... come back tomorrow & I'll lay it on you w/ photos & everything.


jason said...

I don't think you've spent enough time up close and personal with these animals. Remember my ex-girlfriend had llamas at their house? Those things were nasty, obnoxious animals. They would spit at you and get agitated easily. They cool and have a cool name, but they're total douchebags. In the same category as my archenemy, the ostrich.

Andre said...

In the same way that many people have a hard time telling the difference between llamas and alpacas, I hav a hard time w/ the ostrich/emu distinction. I did, however, meet an emu a few years ago, and he (or she... I'm not certain) was a real dick. I only knew it was an emu and not an ostrich because the owner told me.

I like the idea that, for you, the ostrich is to large, flightless birds as Jimmy Smits is to humans.

jason said...

One thing I'll say for Jimmy Smits, he never tried to bite my finger off. Unlike that ostrich at the Zoo.