Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jean's Wedding: A River, a Pool Party, & a Ceremony

After watching the Liverpool match w/ Dan @ the continental breakfast, I took the kids down to the river for a little while. There's a really cool looking visitor's' center dating back to 1912 called The Pagoda. Unfortunately, for all the effort thy pt into restoring it in 1995, the stuff in it kind of sucked... a few model riverboats, a pilot's wheel, @ a little pamphlet rack... & tons of empty space. Other than that, the riverfront was great. It made Aiden & me want to watch Davy Crockett & the River Pirates.

When we got back to the motel, we had a little pool-side lunch party. It was a nice time, & the kids got to swim again before we headed to the wedding. About 4:45, the convoy pulled out, heading to Newburgh which is a quaint little town about 10 minutes up the river from Evansville. It was beautiful, & I can now present Mr. & Mrs. Jean & Tiffany Peltier (I'm not certain that she took the name, but the minister introduced them that way, so I will too... he was a bit wacky though, so who knows). The rest of the night went swimmingly. Aiden had a rough time because he was so tired, but Solstice boogied all night & Isaiah fell asleep on my mom... which was sooo cute.

Here are some more vaca pics for you because I know you're all waiting for them:
Down by the river
At the pool party
The Groom's Family
The Ceremony
My Dad up & Dancing
Dancing w/ my Daughter
Solstice dancing

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