Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jean's Wedding: The Drive & The Arrival

We set out from Ypsi just before 7:00 which was 20 minutes or so behind or ETD. We'd planned to leave around 6:30 because even though the drive is usually only 8ish hours, we had no idea what to expect w/ Isaiah. As it turns out, however, he's an awesome traveler, & we hit Evansville, IN about quarter to 3:00 Eastern Time. Of course, Evansville is on Central, so we had plenty of time to hit the pool & the local Cracker Barrel before the free hotel Happy Hour... yes, FREE! They have 3 free drinks for every adult between 5:30 & 7:00 every night. I had a Scotch, a Tequila Sunrise, & a Bud Light.
What we saw during the drive:
* A shit-ton of construction in Lima, OH
* Neil Armstrong's birthplace in Wapakoneta, OH
* A water tower in Franklin, OH, a city we entered just as "Franklin's Tower" began
* Some enormous trucks hauling bridge supports. One had a cab that drove down the white dotted line pulling a trailer that covered both lanes & backed up traffic on E bound I 71 for quite a while... we were on W bound so we jst got to gawk.
* Waterville, OH which is @ the same exit as Napoleon, OH but for some stupid reason is called Waterville... not Waterloo.
* An assload of dead deer... though Elizabeth claims they may have just been sunning themselves... I don't buy it. Particularly the one that looked like the dude in Predator after his chest exploded.

What we heard during the drive
* A random 80s Mix
* A second random 80s Mix
* A ridiculous Mix
* One from the Vault: Disc One (GD: 8-13-75)
* Middle Cyclone: Neko Case
* A random Country Mix that is actually sprinkled w/ a lot of singer/songwriter stuff & some Dylan covers
* Jonas Brothers: Jonas Brothers
* Shotgun Willie: Willie Nelson

What you'll see right now:
Franklin's Tower
Kids in the car
Loaded up & truckin'
Isaiah's 1st time swimming
More of Isaiah's 1st time swimming... this time w/ his beautiful mother


peltierinator said...

what the hell were your drinking bud light for?

Andre said...

It's the only beer they had, and I thoght it as funny.

I lie ethat 2 hours before your wedding you were commenting on my blog. You have a strong sense of priorities.