Friday, April 20, 2007

Youth Soccer in Ypsi

I started coaching the kids' soccer teams this week. It was hilarious. They use a size 3 ball and their little shin-guards and shoes are so cute. They play 4v4 & don't have throw-ins, but rather kick-ins like indoor which seemed to oddly piss some of them off. Both of my kids have a couple friends & their respective teams and they've been excited all week. In fact A has been on me today to go back to the park & kick around a bit. The practice went from 6:00-7:00 & we worked primarily on the idea of passing the ball and trapping it. They did line drills for a little while which they found so confusing. In line drills, the concept is that there are two lines of people & the first person passes the ball to the other line and then runs to the end of that line. I thought it a rather simple concept, but the 5 year olds were a bit lost for a while. They eventually got it, just in time to stop & scrimmage. I divided them into two teams, 5v5, & they all just followed the ball. I think by the end though I got most of them to understand the benefits of spreading out. We'll practice again next week and then the first game is the following Saturday. I imagine that by the end of the season I'll have these kids kicking ass. I'll keep you all informed.


Daye said...

dude it's magnet ball!!!

matty played for like five years--not till the end of third grade can you expect anything else...but it is fun and they are cute as hell

Andre said...

No no no. I'm gonna get them to stop playing banana soccer before 3rd grade! It'll be soon.