Monday, April 5, 2010

Who remembers back to a time when I didn't obsess over sports?

To start things off, I'd like to invite you to order your Verde FC replica kits. For just $30.00, you too can wear your very own Verde F.C. shirt. Come support your team! Order today and you'll have it in time for our first home game of the season. Pay here & then specify your size in the comments box (numbers and size XXL are $2.00 extra). Be sure to specify your preferred number in the comment box also.

In other sports news, the Tigers play their 1st game of the year in just 30 minutes. Verlander will be on the mound in KC while I'm in front of a class in Ypsi. I'll be sure to follow the 1st few innings before I go to teach though. Before the game starts, I do have a couple thoughts to put out there for you.
1) I'm wondering about Damon's age. He was amazing a few years ago, but he's pushing 37 years young. I sure hope this decision doesn't come back to kick us in the ass.
2) There's no clear front-runner for the Visions of Ypsi Tiger yet. we'll give it a couple weeks before we make our call. Who knows, maybe Johnny will come good & get the nod.
3) I'm always, oddly, a fan of the closers, & the new guy has "verde" in his last name... that's gotta be a good sign.


jason said...

I believe the Tigers only signed Damon to a one year contract at a much cheaper price than what he was asking from the Yankees. So I don't think it was much of a risk. If he sucks, he'll be gone and off the books next year anyway. He can also lead off, which they need since they traded Granderson and the new kid, (Austin Jackson?), will probably need to be moved down the order at some point.
Why does this Green Team jersey look different than the one you showed before? Which is the real thing?

Andre said...

The one from before was sout of stock so we had to find a suitable replacement. I liked the other one more, but this one will be fine.