Friday, April 2, 2010

11 Arsenal Thoughts... cuz 10 just ain't enough

1) Losing Fabregas to a broken leg is bad luck, but as w/ his previous injury, I think Nasri will be a fine replacement for the rest of the year.
2) Losing Arshavin is rough too, but he's been in relatively bad form lately so it might be OK.
3) Thierry Henry still knows how to play the PR game. He claimed he didn't want to see Arsenal lose & would have rather not even played in the game. He's a class act... even if the hand ball against Ireland has tainted his reputation.
4) I got to use the word "taint"!
5) They looked like ass for 60 minutes against Barcelona the other day, but once they realized they could stick w/ them, the Gunners looked fine. I wonder if that fight back will lead to a stronger 2nd leg in Spain next week. 6) Walcott did more in his 28 minutes on Wednesday than he has for the last few months. If he can keep that up, he's a cinch for South Africa.
7) The remaining fixtures are pretty good. As long as they don't slip up against Tottenham or Man City, things could go well. Man U plays Chelsea tomorrow morning so @ least one of those teams will drop points... here's hoping for a draw!
8) We watched Fever Pitch again the other night. It's even better than I remembred. just be sure to rent the Colin Firth version!
9) I'm going to have to reread the book soon in prep for the World cup.
10) Speaking of soccer books, I just scored a copy of Desmond Morris's The Soccer Tribe from 1981. It still had the insert cor a contest to win tix to the 1982 World Cup. It's a great anthropological look @ the sport.
11) The Gunnersaurus is ridicuous.


jason said...

My 2 pents:
Arsenal is done. In the Premiership and against Barca. That tie was as good as a loss for them and it certainly wasn't worth losing Fabregas to get. What happened there anyway? It didn't look bad at all. As much as I hate Puyols, he totally didn't deserve a red card!
Fever Pitch is a good book, but I think there are better "World Cup primers" than that. How about The Thinking Fan's Guide To The World Cup, Soccernomics or Brilliant Orange?
I like Guinessaurus, but he looks like he's wearing one of those trach things that make you talk like a robot.
Why isn't Chelsea vs Man U on FSC? Do you know what channel it's on or know of a good website to watch on?

Andre said...

The 7:30 games are usually on ESPN. I imagine that's the case, but I haven't checked.

I haven't read Soccernomics yet. I know Fever Pitch isn't the most World Cup specific, but it's my little tradition.