Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Obligatory Olympics Post

We attempted to watch the Olympics last night, but it didn't go over very well. I know everyone seems to have been struck w/ a nasty case of Olympics-fever, but I just don't get it. I like that the world can come together & celebrate this, I dig sports, I even dig some of the sports in the Olympics, but I just can't watch. For one, some many of the sports seem fake. Not fake like pro-wrestling, but not real sports. Bobsled, luge biathlon... who does this? They seem invented just for the Olympics. Why not include more sports in which real people actually participate like dog-sled or snowmobile racing. Stephanie was wondering how someone becomes an Olympic bobsledder... & we couldn't really figure it out. It must just be that mediocre athletes from other sports get recruited to be stars in a field that no one else ever considered. And then the luge people must just be frustrated bobsledders & the skeleton people must in turn be frustrated lugers.

Conversely, these are ironically the sports I prefer to watch. Of course, I like curling & the skiing events too, but that leads us to the 2nd problem. I hate the way it's covered on TV. We get 4 hour blocks of random shit w/ no clear knowledge of what will be on when. Which then means we have to sit through the random shit for hours before getting 20 minutes of curling or downhill skiing. Many of those hours seem dedicated to figure skating. I know that's what the audience wants (although I have no idea why) & I know that those kids have spent 8 of their 12 years on the planet training for this, but I just don't care. Clearly, it's not a made-up sport like skeleton, but it just doesn't do it for me. And neither does hockey which people often think is weird since I love soccer & hockey & soccer are so similar. I just don't enjoy it though.

My final issue concerns the fact that while I'm trying to watch curling or skiing, I have to suffer through those fluff pieces for 20 minutes. I don't care that Alberto Tomba's cat died when he was 12 or that Hans Brinker lost his inspirational grandfather who had bought him his silver skates. Just make w/ the fucking curling already! That said, you can order your replica Norweigan National Curling Pants here! Order placed baby!


cmadler said...

I agree, the prime time Olympics coverage is terrible. In past years we watched the Canadian coverage, but with the change from analog to digital broadcast and from CBC to CTV as the Canadian broadcaster we no longer have that option.

That said, NBC's weekend coverage hasn't been too bad. On Saturday they had live coverage of the entire (1 hr+) men's 30k crosscountry skiing, which was an amazing competition, and Sunday they did the men's biathalon (about 30 minutes) as well.

So far, I have not seen a single minute of curling coverage (I've been told that there's been a lot of curling on CNBC, but we don't get cable), and I have no interest in watching hours of figure skating and fluff pieces in the hopes that they'll show something I like. Fail.

Kristin said...

Have you seen the double luge? I always wonder how they decide who gets to be on top... awkward.

But yeah, I'm really just glad ABC didn't preempt LOST for a month, like other networks who decided not to compete with the Olympics. On the plus side, the Olympics do help me fall asleep at night...

Andre said...

I always figured that determining tops and bottoms came down to personal preference and orientation. I suppose the really open minded ones could take turns.