Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just when you thought election fever was over: Obama's Cabinet

With all of the rumors flying around about who his picks will be, & after my successful endorsements leading up to the election, I thought I'd give a brief overview of the main people I'd like to see get the nods. Following each of my picks is a quick list of the other people whose names have been thrown into the ring lately.

State: Hillary Clinton
She'd be a nice pairing for Obama's Mick Jaggeresque rock star street cred... bringing a bit of the Tina Turner sensibility to Obama's top advisers. Besides, Mick & Tina did a great job together at Live Aid I say give 'em another shot. Besides, she's still really well liked around the world.
Bill Richardson, Richard Lugar, Greg Craig, John Kerry, & Sam Nunn

Defense: Jack Reed
Though less likely than some of the other possibilities, he's a member of Senate Armed Services Committee & a good New England Democrat. Some left of center ideas running the military would be a fantastic change of pace.
Chuck Hagel, Robert Gates, & Richard Danzig

Homeland Security: Susan Collins
Though I've always liked Gary Hart, Collins chaired the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs from 2003 to 2007 & is considered 1 of the most liberal Republicans in the Senate. She has the experience & would be a great "across the aisle" pick.
Lee Hamilton, Tony Lake, Richard Clarke, Tim Roemer, Gary Hart

Treasury: Sheila C. Bair
The chair of the FDIC has worked in both the Clinton & GWB administrations & worked as a chief advisor to Dole during the GHWB administration. Though a little fiscally conservative, she seems to know her shit; she'd make a nice "across the aisle" pick. However, Laura Tyson would also be pretty good if he actually plans to load the Cabinet w/ East Coast lefties. Ideologically, I'm all in favor of that, but it doesn't seem practical.

Education: Colin Powell
When he endorsed Obama a month ago, I assumed he was jockeying for a Cabinet post & this seems to be the one for him. He's made education one of his major causes since he finished his tenure as Sec. of State, & his political experience can't be overlooked. It's hard to tell if this would really be another "across the aisle" pick," but it'd make a lot of people happy. (Not to be confused w/ the former winger for Charlton Athletic.)
George Miller, Tim Kaine, Linda Darling-Hammond, Joel Klein, Tom Kean, Inez Tenenbaum

Agriculture: Bill Richardson
As far as I can tell, he's only been named as a possibility for Sec. of State, but if that goes to Clinton, he'll get a spot somewhere else, & I think this is the place for him. Though oddly central in Lewinskygate, he's a former UN Ambassador, Sec. of Energy & Governor of New Mexico. Plus, he just seems like an all around good guy.
Colin Peterson, Tom Daschle, Jim Leach, Tom Vilsack

Energy: Tom Vilsack
He's been working to replace the Dept. of Energy w/ a new Dept. of Energy Security focused on reducing our dependence on foreign oil & increasing the search for non-fossil fuel options. He's been short-listed for Agriculture, but Energy is where I think he belongs.
Brian Schweitzer, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jeff Bingaman, Kathleen Sebelius

Labor: David Bonior
A strong Union guy for years. He's worked closely w/ the auto industry & he's a good Michigander. We won't hold the fact that he went to Notre Dame High School, a rival of CC, against him.
Dick Gephardt, Dan Tarullo, Linda Chavez-Thompson

Commerce: Kathleen Sebelius
Like Bonior, she too is originally from Michigan. She's the Governor of Kansas & Chair-Emerita of the Democratic Governors' Association, & she would be a great pick.
Ed Rendell, Penny Pritzker, Olympia Snowe

Interior: Lincoln Chafee
Often refered to as the most liberal Republican in the Senate, he became an Independant a couple years ago & to look @ his record, you've never guess he aligned himself w/ the GOP. Again, he might be an "across the aisle" pick, but he's no Dirk Kempthorne. As a side-note, John Emmett would most certainly cream his jeans for this one.
Christine Gregoire, Brian Schweitzer, RFK Jr.

Transportation: James Oberstar
Hailing from MN, he's been in Congress since 1974, which gives him mountains of experience. He's the current chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, & he's also a member of the Bike Caucus & the Grate Lakes Task Force.
Ed Rendell, Earl Blumenauer, R.T. Rybak

Attorney General: Artur Davis
A centrist Alabama African American Democrat. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1990 and received his J.D. cum laude from Harvard Law School. He's known for his public speaking abilities & he was the 1st Congressperson outside of IL to endorse Obama. Of course, Hillary Clinton would be pretty good here too if Richardson gets Sec. of State.
Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton

EPA Director: Kathleen McGinty
She's the former head of the Pennsylvania EPA, & she's known for her strong advocacy of Environmental protection. A pro-environment person in this job will be a nice change of pace after the last 8 years.
Ed Markey, Mary Nichols, Lincoln Chafee

Director of Veterans' Affairs: Tammy Duckworth
She is an Iraq War Veteran & the current Director of Illinois Veterans' Affairs. A double amputee, she seems to agree completely w/ Obama's claims about Iraq & Afghanistan, believing we should focus more on Bin Laden & begin the withdrawal from Iraq.
Chet Edwards, Max Cleland, Patrick Murphy

Ambassador to the UN: Caroline Kennedy
A strong supporter of Obama & extremely well versed in both national & international issues. Not to mention that any president who is trying to bring about a 2nd Camelot probably needs a Kennedy.
Susan Rice & Lee Hamilton


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