Thursday, September 2, 2010

Afternoon in the "D" w/ the Kids

We were going to go to Lansing today but Isaiah is sick & Stephanie had a headache so I decided to do a little syllabizing & then take them out around here. we grabbed lunch @ American Coney Island. I'd been to Lafayette many time when I was a kid but I'd never been to American. People seem to have a preference, but I don't quite understand the difference... same owners, same food, same atmosphere, same block. Apparently, American beat Lafayette on some Travel Channel show last week; I didn't see it, I've never even heard of the show, so I'm not too impressed w/ the victory. The food, on the other hand, was great. Chili fries & a pair of coneys. I was almost done before I realized they had beer. Oh well... next time.After we ate, wee hit the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. I had never actually been there before... it's amazing! I've sent my students there many times, but the only time I got there was just into the gift shop... never around the actual exhibits. Solstice & Aiden were really into it, but Aiden was (justifiably) creeped out by the Slave Ship exhibit. There was also an exhibit celebrating big, colorful women's hats. I wasn't quite as interested in that, but it was alright. I can't wait to go back. Anyone interested in a trip down there?Or a trip out to Chelsea on Saturday night for Whitey Morgan at the Inverness Inn. The show starts @ 9:00 & I think it's outdoors. I haven't seen them in a few years, & they have a new CD coming out next month, so it should be a fun time.


jason said...

Same owners? Really? Has it always been that way?
Did Lafayette used to be painted similar colors to American? I know I went there once or twice a long time ago and I always thought I went to Lafayette, but I swear it was blue and red. Maybe I really went to American.

Andre said...

Yeah to both questions... sort of. They are owned by a pair of brothers. I think one may own one and the othe owns the other place. They have the same web-site though.

They have always been painted that way... at least as long as I've known about them. I think the 1st time I went there must have been in 1984 after a Tigers game.

I have a feeling that people use the names interchangably so you may have been at American but the person you were with may have refered to it as Lafayette.